Rubyfortune profit of $ 40,000

My fat Rubyfortune profit of $ 40,000

It is said that you should win new slot machines rather than older and that the profits are higher. Well, that was put there. I can't really confirm it from my years of gambler experience. However, I have in Ruby Fortune Casino once only tried new slots and was actually able to do one this weekend Ruby Fortune Gain profit of $ 40,000. At first I had played a game of game of $ 1,000 without making a profit from it. Then I got an email from Ruby Fortune that notified me that they gave me a VIP bonus of $ 500. Of course, I invested it directly in more games.

Free rounds with a winning combination

I chose the "Pedal Power" machine for this and set the maximum amount of $ 30 for each rotation. Usually, with such relatively low inserts per spin, hardly large profits are possible. But in the game "Pedalpower" everything was different. I received 10 free rounds during the game and had really great combinations that brought me 126,500 coins despite mini use.Since I only achieved this profit of $ 12,000 from the Ruby Fortune Bonus, I thought that the portal could possibly bitch with the profit payment. So I just wanted to continue playing, but I decided to change the slot. My choice fell on the "The Great Galaxy Grab" slot, which at that time was almost Niegel-Nagel-Neu. There I had already done the first special bonus rounds and also wanted to get the rest. Thanks to a number of freespins and bonus rounds, I earned myself satisfactory $ 5,120.

Mega happiness on Harvey's slot

Again I switched to other machines and played with small use on several slot machines in the online Casino. I just wanted to test what of it, after about five to ten rounds, spit out free spins, bonus rounds or perfect combinations. I was very lucky at the "Harvey's slot" and after a short time I received the turbo frame that brought me $ 25,920.

Excellent! And again I left a slot machine. The way I always do when my win was a little higher. Now I chose the "Loaded" slot with its five reels. I had lost a lot of money on this machine in recent years, but I was also able to draw profits that ultimately brought me back my missions. I set $ 125 per round and hoped that my lucky streak would continue. And lo and behold, the attribute with the highest value was shown in an angled V-shape and there were also a lot of scatter. This one shoot was an amazing deal of $ 24,000 and my account balance rose through the Rubyfortune profit to over $ 40,000. Hammerhart!

Note the accounting stands on my screenshots! If you can calculate, you easily guess that I gambled 5,000 dollars between my Harvey's win and the Loaded win. Despite everything, the game of the game was worth thick for me. Here I closed the Scots and had my winnings paid out from the bank to my credit card accounts.

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