Lucky Emperor Casino win of $ 26,000

Over $ 26,000 as Lucky Emperor Casino profit

With a use of $ 500 I started my player day in the Lucky Emperor Casino. As is so often the case, this game was used up relatively quickly and I had to coat money again in my player account. This time it was $ 1000 I invested. At that time, I couldn't guess that this sum would play a great Lucky Emperor Casino profit - just hope. So I chose the "Quest for Beer" video solder and set $ 50 each.

My account was gradually clearing up to $ 250 and I thought that it would have been. But then finally came a free round and with the end of my freespins I had an amount of about $ 2,500 again. There was something else! So I put the amount up again per rotation, to $ 100. The next round with freespins that I had earned brought me into my cash register just over $ 10,000.

Since I had such a strange tingling in my fingers, I continued to play against this slot against my own principles. Normally I switch to another machine after winning, but this time it was somehow a different feeling that seduced me to stay at the "Quest for Beer" slot. I set the maximum amount per spin and immediately had the bonus round in the sack.

Last round as a lucky round

As you can see, I was able to complete my round with a real money credit of $ 17,451.40. Now I tore down the straps on this slot and then changed. This time my choice fell on the "Bomber Girls" Slot. The first free round did not go well and a bonus feature did not bring anything. Not even a smaller win. Actually, I wanted to have the profit paid out at an $ 16,000 account balance if the last round had ended. One last spin, and I had six ladies on my reel in a row a doubling of the profit. This one shoot then gave me another $ 10,000.

You can't be more lucky in one day. So my direct path led me to the bank and I clicked on "Pay". After querying my identification, the money was easily paid to me on the account I specified.

Do you also want to win a larger sum in a casino? Then into happiness! I wish you success!

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