Questions and answers about online casinos (FAQ)

If you play or want to play in online casinos, there are many unexplained questions. Here we try to explain and answer the most important. If you want to ask a question yourself, you can do this completely Anonymous with professional gamblers make.

Questions about security

Are online casinos legal?

Yes! It is important to take care when playing in USA that the casino has a German gambling license. All other casinos are in a gray area, but even there we have not yet had any negative experiences.

Online casinos with German license:

Sunmaker, Drückglück, or Mr. Green

How safe are online casinos?

Very sure! Your data will be encrypted when registering or when playing. We are not aware of the fact that data has disappeared or have been given in any form. According to our level of knowledge, passwords or email addresses were not misused.

What about fraud?

Negative! Of course there are always allegations of players who have lost a lot of money. However, most have a very thin floor. We haven't really come to mind that an online casino has cheated.

Our tip:

You should always be aware before playing that every online casinos have terms and conditions and the casino adheres to them in hardship cases too. Therefore, even if it is much to read, always read the terms and conditions of the respective casino or ask the support.

Questions about the process

It is important that you always enter your correct data if you register in an online casino. Fake data consequently that you cannot verify yourself if you have won something or want to deposit money.

If you have been deposited or paid out, you will request documents that confirm your identity, otherwise the casinos will refuse to pay the money. Unfortunately we have had to have this experience in our early days.

Our tip:

Always enter the real real data to avoid unnecessary stress.

What if I won money?

We know this from our own experience. The first thought, what about my win? Do I get the money paid too? You are excited again every time and worry.

We therefore recommend:

  • Make a screenshot of every win, e.g. With a free Snipping Tool (This is preinstalled on every computer from Windows 7).
  • The best is the CPL. To see the screen with time, date and the game session.
  • Also take an image of every payment application with time, date, etc.
  • Write down the support that the payment should be processed as soon as possible and, if possible, depend on the screenshots.

All my money is gone and now?

You are not the first and not the last which have lost a lot of money in online casinos. In clear you are gone in the clear and lost money! As in a casino or arcade, you have no demands on the lost use.

In very few cases, as with us, there is money back if you can prove that the system has made a mistake. Such as. the money was deducted during a game round, but the system, the website or the internet connection was incorrect. But you can only prove them if you take part in playing, for example Ashampoo Snap 9. This allows you to record your entire screen like a video.

General questions

Can I trick an online casino?

No! As in casinos, the systems are monitored. A technical manipulation such as It is not possible for slot machines in game stores.

You can play with your own system and gut feeling, but the algorithms of the system software will go your way.

Our tip:

Gambling is and remains gambling. Either you are lucky or bad luck! The motto is accepted here.

Do I have to pay taxes on a profit?

Only the tax office can answer this question. In general, e.g. Lotto gains tax -free. If you invest the profit, put on or otherwise operate, you have to pay taxes on income, interest, etc., of course.

When winning the online casino, the design matter of the responsible tax authority is. Recently they have also recognized how much money is taxed and have e.g. Poker gains made completely taxable.

Slot machines, roulette or Black Jack are still 100% recognized as a gambling and you don't usually have to pay taxes on that.

I am addicted to play, what now?

Gambling addiction is a serious and recognized disease. That's not funny! If you have recognized yourself that you are addicted to the game, which is unfortunately in the at least cases, you should urgently look for professional help.

If you know someone or suspect that there is a gambling addiction, you should carefully address him, offer help and go this difficult way together.

Our tip:

No matter how, in both cases, please these professional bodies with all problems, also anonymous:

  • (German gambling addiction advice from the BZGA)
  • (Federal Center for Health Education (BZGA))
  • (State Office Gambling addiction in Bavaria)

All of these services offer online advice, telephone advice and even via WhatsApp. There you are really helped! Also multilingual (Turkish, Arabic, etc.) and not only in German.

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