Betsson Casino profit - won $ 100,000

The fact that I like to play in the Betsson Casino is no secret 🙂 The slot machines there have done it to me, who plays there can definitely confirm this. My biggest win so far was $ 80,000 in one fell swoop at the Lucky Wizard Automat.

80,000 $ profit with a spin

Why and why I don't know the slot machine either, but my gut feeling told me that something can be fetched there and I started with $ 100 per shoot. I quickly had an account balance of $ 5000 and said everything or nothing and I went to the maximum of 1000 $ !!! per spin. I know that sounds crazy, but the fever had gripped me and I was rewarded as you can see:

With an account balance of only $ 1000, luck came back and in just one game I had a total profit of $ 80,000.

No back - have $ 100,000 paid out

Now or never I thought and continued to play with $ 500 per spin. And it was so crazy, now I suddenly had all the fields with wild symbols full and again 80,000 $ again. So I had an account of over $ 150,000! Now it became Joker myself and I went straight to the payment options and had the first $ 100,000 paid out by bank transfer:

And here is the proof that the payment was really initiated by the Betsson Casino. We have often won there and have never had any problems, not even with such large sums.

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