Another Lucky Temperor profit of $ 57,000

Full 57,000 as a Luckyemperor profit

After celebrating the New Year's Eve after my $ 20,000 Luckyemperor, I was drawn to Lucky-Temoror Casino again on New Year's Day. There is still something! I felt that with every fiber of my body. Everyone who likes to play knows the feeling against which you are pretty powerless. So I withdrew $ 7,000 from my payment the day before and hoped for another Luckyemperor profit. Usually you shouldn't withdraw a profit payment, I usually don't do that either. But I don't know what rode me that day.

Anyway, I booked $ 7,000 back and started with the video slot "Sunset Showdown", which I brought me luck the day before. Again after a few shoots I had conquered some freespins and passed the Dog slot "K9 Capers" with an amount of 6.5K. It took several rounds before I finally secured a bonus round with three cute dog ladies in one line.

New game, new luck - change to another slot

Somehow I couldn't really believe it. I had already pulled in a fat profit the day before. In short - now the game fever had really grabbed me and I went to the "Avalon" video solder. What did I have to lose? As always, I started up and played around $ 100 and $ 125 per spin. My credit on the account was shrinking a little, until then the free spins finally came with which I could earn the following profit.

Fat! And as in most cases, I also changed the video solder directly this time. Playing the same slot twice in a row makes no sense for me, since the renewed chances of winning are severely restricted. So I chose another game and landed "Little Chief Big Cash" at my favorite slot machine. The luck stayed there too and after a short time the field showed the three wolves through which I came to a bonus round.

Through my lucky streak, I was highly motivated and ready to sacrifice part of the profit again in order to collect even more. So I changed the slot machine again and continued to play on the machine "Twin Samurai". I went all over and set $ 100 per rotation. So I turned for a while, got several free spins and thus achieved the next megahammer.

Fat prey - "robbery" through the Lucky Emperor Casino

I then continued to play on some different slot machines, but my spins were no longer crowned with success. After I am again $ 6,000 from mine profit had lost, I went to the cash register and had $ 57,000 paid out. Due to my remaining credit of $ 13K from the previous day and the new profit, I was able to secure a total of $ 70,000. I have split the payment on various of my accounts. This includes three credit card accounts, Neteller and Moneybookers. I let the rest of my old but still active Click2Buy account, with which I had always paid in.

Proof of payment by screenshot

Because you shouldn't overuse your happiness, I left the gambling for this day. My wallet was well filled and I was able to start the new year deeply relaxed.

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