My first big win - $ 100,000 in the party casino

My 100,000 $ deal-mega profit in the party casino

It was about 10 years ago, but this profit brought me very far forward in my gambler career and formed the basis for my current, relatively carefree life!

Unfortunately, ten years ago I was not so smart to document everything exactly, so I only recorded my payout documents as screenshots. At that time I was still afraid that my profits may not be paid out. The career for this first rich, really big profit is only vague in my memory, but I try to describe it a little more precisely.

In small steps to the big party casino win

First of all, I had a smaller amount from my previous one Casumo win (in high over 18,000 $) im Participle used. After I gambled the first 3,000 $ in a single day, the frustration was of course great. Fortuna just didn't mean well with me. But if you know me, you know that I don't just take defeats like that. If you don't dare, don't win either!

So I tried my luck again next day and used another $ 2,000 via Giropay. The party casino should get one last chance from me. So I set the video slot. 250 $ was worth it to me ever revolving, because in principle I wanted to quickly get away from this platform and a different play. The first thousand was rapidly playful, but then I received some free spins. With my freespins and a successful bonus round, I was able to secure magnificent 20,000 euros in my account that day, which I wanted to pay myself out directly via the cash register.

How many others of the casino players do it, I reversed this payout process. My player account then showed the 20k again and so I played one slot after the other. I started with the Fixed slots and I all played through quite all the jackpot slots. At the end of the day, my player credit showed a rest of $ 6,000 and I was in a bad mood. I was totally angry, I clicked through the cash register to have the amount paid directly to my credit card account.

My big win on the Bust da Safe Slot

But I had licked blood and thought: "What's the point?! Now I can gamble everything out ”. So I reversed the payment again. Frustrated as I was, I wanted to use everything on a single slot now and chose the "Bust da Safe" slot. I had fully set my commitment to the individual rounds, i.e. to 250 euros. Way with the coal! And I could hardly believe it when the most precious symbol of 250 $ and also two jokers appeared before my eyes-my player capital had tripled. With this happy interaction, my big profit of $ 100,000 was in my player account a short time later. Since then I have contributed under my player colleagues The nickname "Lucky".

Because you should stop when it is most beautiful, I actually had this amount paid out to my bank account. This money transfer worked very quickly and took just three days. That is very quick.

If you really want to cash in now, then make a detour to the party Casino and challenge your luck. I keep my fingers crossed!

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