My casino club profit of $ 69,000

$ 69,000 in the casino club

It's a very unusual story like me mine Casino Club Profit of $ 69,000. Incredible, but still true. Usually video slots are not my thing. But somehow they seem to bring me luck.
Especially since I am in the very first time that day Casinoclub played. I had seen the banner and links many times before, but never registered in the Casino Club. The welcome bonus of $ 400 then irritated me. So I registered as a new player and also paid 500 $ via Neteller. I quickly played the video machines with the smallest use and cheered my credit quite quickly. I then invested $ 500 again, because somehow my feeling told me that something great could come today. Somehow you sometimes feel it.

Without having the slightest idea, I simply chose the Jackpot slot "Fortunes of Agypt". I assumed that this would be a normal game with freespins and bonus rounds. Just as the features of other video spins are. I should find out that I was wrong with that.

Jackpot happiness with mega casino club profit

I played, like mostly, with maximum stone set. After a few rounds, a payline with three jackpot symbols showed up and they immediately brought me to a bonus game in which I should choose one of three sarcophagi. At that time it was not clear that I had the opportunity to win on one of three different jackpots. There was the sarcophagus with the stinky jackpot, then the Super Jackpot and, last but not least, the Grand Jackpot. At first glance, however, this was not clear.

So I chose my sarcophagus and thought it would somehow go with the game. The Grand Jackpot contained the profit amount of $ 69,000. And that's exactly what I should collect on that day. A total stroke of luck! It just rattled around me. I could hardly believe it myself when I saw the megamous amount as the entrance to my player account. And that as a newly registered player at CasinoClub. Unbelievable! Of course I clicked directly into the lobby to have the sum paid out. I had to make sure that I had actually really interpreted that.

Payment via web dollar payment system

The casino club uses the web dollar payment system for its withdrawals, which was completely unknown to me to date. In order to split the payment on different accounts, I selected credit card, Neteller and Moneybookers. The processing of the distribution took a long time - 48 hours. The casino operator is probably hoping that the players don't want to wait so long and use the profit amounts again during this time. But not with me! Around a week the amounts were from my casino club profit booked on my three accounts.

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