Lucky Emperor Casino win of $ 20,000

$ 20k as Luckyemperor Casino win on New Year's Eve

December 31, 2006 - an unusual New Year's Eve day that should make me richer by $ 20,000. Usually I have to do different things that day than to gamble. But I decided to take a short game in the Lucky Emperor Casino and then wanted to make preparations for the evening. At that time, I absolutely had no idea that I would have every reason to celebrate. My Luckyemperor Casino win made this turn of the year very special. But let me tell how it came about.

I was particularly taken with the video slot "Sunset Showdown" at Luckyemperor. So I invited $ 500 to my player account, called on this game and set the maximum amount of $ 62.50 per shoot. As already mentioned - I didn't have a lot of time.

First freespins after two rounds

After two rounds I had won a few free rounds, which ultimately led to the result that my account was credited $ 10,432. From my $ 500 I still had $ 459.78 on the edge. You can see that if you bill the profit amount from my credits. The bright madness!

Just as I usually make it after a big win, I also changed the slot that day. I decided on the "Big Kahuna" slot and set $ 75 per spin. At first I only had smaller combinations that didn't really bring me much. At first my spins were not crowned with success and it was sure to take around 25 laps until I finally played a bonus round. This consisted of throwing cubes to climb the ladder up and increase the profit. Well, I didn't have the big throw with the first worn throws - a three and one after a one. Great! After that I threw a five and could at least scramble into the second. I already thought "that's it for today!" And clicked the last dice.

This throw ended in six and thus promoted me up six rows. As a result, this was on my monitor: Fantastic! 77 x 300 Awards You 23,100 Coins. Quite fat prey, so that I didn't want to play great that day. But it was also with mine $ 60,000 profit in Betsson Casino so.

Payment from my Lucky Emperor Casino profit

So I wanted to quickly log out of the game and go straight to the lobby to look at the whole thing. 20,024.28 credits. Cool! A beautiful Luckyemperor Casino win.

I had the $ 20,000 paid out by Neteller and I left $ 24.28 in the account. It was clear to me that I would come back in not too long.

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