Double casino profit of $ 25,000

Double casino win at Ruby Fortune & Golden Tiger

You have to be lucky! That one day I was able to clear up in two casinos really nicely. I was in Ruby Fortune Casino and in the Golden Casino. First I only used $ 500 in the Golden Tiger Casino on the "Bob's Bowling Bonanza" Slot. After the rollers turned relatively happily for me, I increased my use. I used another $ 500. Then came the first free spins and buns. Through these freespins, I was able to generate a profit of almost $ 10,000 with golden tigers. My double casino profit later came about that, as I normally hold it, I do that after my greater profit Online casino changed.

Luckily click for click - Ruby Fortune Casino profit

My path via numerous page clicks then took me to Ruby Fortune Casino. Here, too, I initially only paid $ 500 and, after a few hapless rounds, increased my use by another $ 500. Overall, I played $ 2000 on this only day. But this game mission is in no relation to what I had in my account after about two hours of gambling.

So I played myself in Ruby Fortune Through several rounds of different gaming machines and was able to assert me up well on some slots. The credits continued and further increased because I had some very successful turns. When my bankroll had really shot up after about two playful hours, I left the casino and had my winnings paid out at the bank by Neteller. In total, I had earned $ 25,000 that day, with just $ 2000.

Of course, I recorded my payment in both casinos by screenshot in order to be able to check the money inputs on my accounts and to have proof of my credit earned. I attach them for you below.

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