Casinoclassic profit of $ 23,000

$ 23,000 - a rich CasinoClassic profit

I usually never play in the evening, because in the evening I am usually too tired, therefore inattentive and often just frustrated from the working day. None of it is a good prerequisite for a player. It is better to go relaxed and rested. That's why I personally prefer to play on the weekend and at some point during the day. Never in the evening. I also like roulette, poker or blackjack. But once I did not remain true to my principles, played on the video solder on this day and cheered in 1000 $ in no time without even making the smallest casinoclassic profit. Of course, the frustration was great.

The following day, the cashback system of the Casinorewards Casinos baited back to the casino of Casinoclassic with a $ 100 bonus. I wanted to gamble this bonus. Somehow it tingled in my fingers and I had a good feeling that it could be something today. How do you say so nicely: "I had it in the urine"?! My player bonus was gone relatively quickly and so I put $ 500 on it again. Today I just had to be my lucky day.

Happiness streaks at Casino Classic

Shortly after the deposit, I got the first free spins on the "Little Chief Slot". Due to the freespins, I was able to enter $ 2,000 within a short time. I then switched to the "high-life" slot machine, received free spins again and was able to crank up the profit to $ 10,000.
With this game credit, I then chose the video solder "Shiver Me Feathers" to go on my big "robbery". With Shiver-Me-Featers, because of the five reels with numerous profitable combinations, which ensure rich payouts, you have very good chances of winning.
So I was generous and set $ 250 per spin. My first line then looked like this:

Casinoclassic win of $ 22986.79

I also had my profit from great $ 22986.79 paid out directly. A short time later, an email message came that the processing of my CasinoClassic profit can take up to 48 hours and that the poker is only 2 hours. This is a tried and tested stitch to tempt the players, to use their profits directly and to lure them to the online poker table. But I'm not that stupid!

Do you also feel like a rich casineclassic profit? Maybe the video solder brings you as great success as me?!

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