60k won in the Betsson Casino

Won $ 60,000 in the Betsson Casino on just one day

I already had a few months earlier 20k won in the Betsson Casino, but this stroke of luck with a whopping 60k brought me three times. At first I was in love with Gonzo's Quest in Betsson Casino. With a game operation of around $ 1,500 and a deployment of $ 50 per round, I had gained a lot of free spins. With three golden valley I scored ten freefalls.

The first of the Freefalls came out great Kombi that I ended up in a multiplier of X15 and a complete series with the most important symbol. With a single freefall I was able to earn 15,000 $. And that's not the case because I had a real run. I received three coins from top left to the bottom right, and that brought me back in an additional twenty freefalls. Unfortunately, I was only able to take a further $ 5,000 from it and ended the free spins but completely satisfied with a full $ 20,000 in the cash register.

Gonzo's quest loves me and I love him

It was pretty clear to me that I couldn't leave it. So I rely on this slot machine again and again received ten free rounds after the twentieth spin. In the course of these freefalls I was able to catch up for another $ 10,000. So I ended the game with a of almost $ 30,000 on my game account and overwatched to Ghost Pirates.

Full risk of ghost pirates

In the online casino game Ghost Pirates, how often you call the same symbols in a row. There are no profit lines in this sense. Since my player account was well filled, I was able to take full risk here and set the maximum stone set per spin. It was $ 62.50, so not exactly high. But at least! After using $ 2,000, I received three treasure chests and the wild symbol. From this I was able to generate 25 free spins. That sounds great, but it is not really worth mentioning. Even this can only be achieved with a very low profit. But luck was still hold.
In the course of the free spins, I had all 5 symbols from the highest level in a series X three. Then another 5 symbols with wild. So I achieved a great profit of $ 35,000 in this game. I also recorded my profit payment directly by screenshot. Only in the event that something goes wrong when booking.

Proof of payment of the $ 60,000 profit

Since I always play it safe with online casinos and their payments I have always made screenshots. Also with this profit in the Betsson Casino:

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