Here in our sports betting test you will find the best German providers - evaluated by available bets, odds, bonuses and support. The list of our recommendations shows you which are the top 10 online sports betting providers in USA and you will quickly find the betting portal that suits you best.

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Sports betting test USA - TOP 10

That was observed during the sports betting test

Every year, several billion euros are used for online sports betting. After all, there are also countless sports and events on which you can give a bet. The most popular bet in USA is that Football bet. However, there is also bet on other sporting events, such as tennis, handball, basketball, hockey, darts, ice hockey, horse racing and many other sports. Even a virtual sport bet and live bets are possible with some of the online betting providers that we favor.

If you want to place betting, you should note that you always give your sports bet on a reputable online sports betting page that offers fair quotas and profits pays as quickly as possible. The top 10 sports betting websites we listed all offer an innovative, dynamic and serious offer of competition and thus offer the ultimate sports betting experience.

Safety with sports betting

We have paid particular attention to the safety of the individual betting portals, because in this regard you should not compromise as a betting provider. The top betting pages in our list pay attention to safe, encrypted transactions and there are many different, serious payment methods available. For example, you can deposit via an e-wallet, but also by bank transfer, credit card or with a Paysafecard. Payments via PayPal are also possible. These are available both via the PC, via the cell phone and in the sports betting app.

Top sports betting also mobile?

Most betting providers have now optimized their betting offer so that you can easily place your bet even on the go with the mobile device. For the most part, this works directly via the HTML5-based sports betting website. at Qasrabah There are even the special 888 sports betting app that you can download on your smartphone and through which you can use the sports betting offer without restriction. In our sports betting test, of course, we also tested the Wettapp and were thrilled-especially of the extended payment function, with which you can get the full overview of your live bets at any time.

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questions and answers

Why a sports betting test?

Not all sports betting providers actually have fair odds and are consistently serious. That's why we did the sports betting test and picked out the top 10 of the best betting portals for you. Here you can place your sports betting with good odds, cut in great bonuses and collect free bets every now and then.

Is there a sports betting app?

Yes, for example there is one bwin Sports App For iOS and Android with which you can stream sports events free of charge and directly yours Sports bet can place. In our sports betting test we also tested the 888Sport app, which we can recommend without hesitation.

Is there a sports betting bonus?

The betting providers, which you will find under the top 10 in our sports betting test, all offer a betting bonus for newly registered members. Some also award a free bet to the players at regular intervals.

How do single and results bet differ?

This is relatively simple. With the single bet you place your tip on victory, defeat or also on a draw (draw) e.g. with a football bet. As far as the result bet is concerned, the exact end result of the game must be determined and an assignment is made. The single bet is the type of betting that brings the slightest risk of loss, because there are not many events to choose from. However, logically, the quotas are not too high for the single bet.

What is a combination bet with sports betting?

In the event of a combination bet, the bet must be divided into at least two or more different sporting events. You can only win the sports bet if all of the events have been correctly predicted.

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