A lot has changed in the German casino industry since the new Gambling State Treaty (GlüstV) from 2021. The aim of the new regulations is of course the government and licensing of online casinos, but the new regulation also includes some massive changes. In the meantime, customers in online casinos can significantly feel these measures, and of course some of the players, but also many of the rules, encounter understanding and little of their minds.

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One of the biggest friction points is the OASIS blocking file introduced in August 2021. Oasis is an abbreviation and stands for "Online query player status". The idea behind this central player file makes sense and generally makes a valuable contribution to player protection, since it enables customers to use functions both self-self and external barriers.

However, implementation encounters some criticism. Above all, the fact that all providers will be connected to this system with a German license will lead to some concerns about the guarantee of data protection of customers. Therefore, more and more customers are interested in serious providers who are not connected to Oasis. In our article we explain everything you need to know about Oasis. We will also take a close look at online casinos without an Oasis blocking file.

Is there online casinos without an oasis blocking file in Germany?

The principle applies that providers who strive for a license in USA are also committed to participating in the Oasis system. But that does not mean that you can no longer play in online casinos without an oasis, you don't even have to go to the unixed side. Provider with an international license from an EU country such as Curaçao, a Dutch overseas area or Malta, do not have to participate in the Oasis system.

The providers from the EU to foreign countries rely on the so-called EU services. This regulation means that service providers within the EU must be enabled to offer the service in question in each Member State. At this point we want to point out that the question of the admissibility of this offer has not yet been finally clarified and that several dishes are currently dealing with it. Before registering, you should definitely find out about the current legal situation, as it could change quickly.

However, most providers on Curaçao or Malta are still subject to strict regulations despite their waiver of an OASIS system. In addition, there are usually serious providers behind the online casinos without an Oasis blocking file if they are licensed in the EU. As a rule of thumb, we always recommend checking whether there is a possibility of a lock. Serious online casinos offer your customers the opportunity to block themselves by button, link on the website or by ing customer service. If your selected casino does not offer this option, we will advise you to register.

This is behind the Oasis lock file

We have already looked at the abbreviation, but the question of who or what is behind this system is still unanswered. Behind Oasis is the Darmstadt regional council, which manages a central and electronic registration register of all players in German online casinos. This enables arcades, online casinos and betting shops to access different player data and query the respective blocking status. With this query it doesn't matter which federal state the customer comes from and in which game or for which product the lock was pronounced. According to the law, providers are obliged to carry out this query when registering. If a customer is listed in the OASIS blocking file, access to the offer must be prohibited.

In the following list we have listed all companies that have to register with Oasis in order to receive a license in Germany. Inpatient betting on a horse racing track and lotteries are excluded from the obligation to participate, which are not organized more than twice a week.

  • Gambling providers with a German license
  • Occupational players - both if funds and goods are available as a profit
  • Betting provider, bookmaker and betting agent
  • Lottery providers, more than two draws should take place weekly
  • Casino
  • Commercial game mediators
  • Online horse betting
  • online casinos
  • Online poker rooms

Automatic player for restaurants

In order for providers to be able to take part in the OASIS blocking file, they must have one make formal application to the regional council. This authority also decides on the allocation of German licenses, but of course it is central that the connection to the Oasis blocking file is given.

Can endangered Oasis players be recognized?

In the first line, Osasis serves as a central blocking file that the player protection. The great advantage of Oasis is that the lock no longer has to be requested in every online and offline casino, but prevents customers from participating in gambling. This means that a lock applies to both the online casinos as well as the local arcades and bets from a bookmaker. Participation in the Oasis blocking file is of course required. An entry at OASIS can not only be made by the person concerned itself, the provider or third party can also enter the player.

Unfortunately, however, we have to answer the question with "no". At least currently the blocking file cannot recognize or monitor the game behavior. Such a function is currently still difficult to implement due to technical limits, but also because of data protection. In the future, however, it could be possible that such a function will be added. However, the Oasis blocking file is currently a pure registration register in which the data of blocked players stores centrally and grants access to the providers to check the new customers.

What data is given when a lock?

Data is the oil of the 21st century. Not least because of this, many customers in online casinos are worried about data protection. That is why we give you an overview of the data that is collected for a lock. For a lock, it is first entered whether it is a self-or external lock. After that, the first and last name may also be queried by the birth name of the person concerned and the date of birth. In addition, information about the place of residence of the person concerned is also required. This completes the registration for the lock. According to the Darmstadt regional council, this data is then shared with the providers.

Is the lock possible for every player?

In principle, every player can be blocked should be a legitimate reason for this. Before a lock is pronounced, the Darmstadt regional council of course checks every application for the accurate. Among other things are the suspicion of gambling addiction, an demonstrable debt of the player, the player makes operations that are significantly higher than his assets and other valid and, above all, verifiable reasons.

Of course, a simple claim does not yet lead to a lock, there must be evidence of the risk. Evidence includes a diagnosis of gambling addiction or depression, testimonies that have observed questionable behavior, an official evidence such as seizure notices or decision on private bankruptcy and a promissory, credit cancellations or reminder letters. Thanks to these options, relatives of those affected can also apply for a lock.

The duration of the lock depends on the type of application and the pronounced lock. An unlimited ban has a minimum duration of one year. If the player decides to apply for a self -lock, then the length can be determined. However, all players who apply for a lock are excluded from gambling for at least three months. Before the end of these three months, you cannot submit a application to cancel the lock.

Unlocked? What are the possibility?

Here we come to one of the biggest problems in the system. Although all applications are checked for the accurate, it is still possible that an unfounded lock will be given. It is difficult to apply for a cancellation as soon as the Oasis has given a lock. In this case, players have to wait until the previously defined blocking period has expired, in the event of an indefinite lock, the one year regulation applies here.

In general, it is easier to remove a lock again than one that was requested by third parties. Of course, this excludes locks, in which the application was demonstrably unjustified by third parties.

However, if it is a legitimate lock, your own game behavior and relationship with the game should first be covered. It is important to accept the spell and take advantage of help. Under no circumstances should you visit an online casino without an oasis in such a situation! Unfortunately, it is often the case that those affected are not aware of the dangerous behavior or recognize it too late. Therefore, you should question your own behavior at regular intervals. There are also some free tests that can be used to check your behavior for gambling addiction.

Advantages and disadvantages of online casinos without an oasis blocking file

In Online casinos without an oasis To play, customers also offer other advantages. In most of these casinos, there are also no 5 seconds as well as no deployment and often no deposit limits. This leads to a high degree of self -determination, however, this “unlimited offer” also has disadvantages. So you have to cope with the high level of personal responsibility to enjoy the game.

We have listed the advantages for you here

  • Your personal data remains with the casino operator
  • You can use the function of the self -lock
  • Data abuse is prevented
  • The lock by third parties is not possible
  • You can deposit more than $ 1,000 per month
  • No operational limit of $ 1
  • Live games, jackpots and table games are available

And here we listed the disadvantages

  • No German license for the provider
  • The legal situation has not yet been clarified
  • Relatives cannot apply for a lock
  • Despite the lock to other providers, you can register

Gamestop the same as Oasis?

Gamstop is the British equivalent to the German Oasis blocking file. Of course, there are many similarities between the two systems, but also many massive differences. The German Oasis system is much stricter than gamstop. This can already be seen from the accessibility of the systems, Gamstop should "be easily accessible" while Oasis "must be easily accessible".

But even when it comes to lifting a punishment, you can see some differences. So you can only be able to apply to Oasis after a week, in Great Britain you can apply for this 24 hours later. If you are blocked by third parties, you even have to wait a month. The minimum locks in this country are also significantly longer, as already mentioned, either 3 months (self -lock) or 1 year (external lock).

In general, no third parties can apply for a lock for gamstop. While in this country the provider can apply for a lock due to dangerous behavior and a legitimate suspicion, this is not possible in Great Britain. Gamstop is designed that this blocking file works exclusively for the self -lock. However, we have to say that in this case we consider it better, since pathological behavior is prevented for longer and more effectively.

Block for Schufa entry?

A Negative Schufa entry As a rule, does not lead to a blocking in the Oasis blocking file. However, the Schufa is still ed due to the identity and age test, and it is also checked whether the bank details are correct. Nevertheless, the providers reserve the right to refuse access to the online casino due to a negative Schufa entry or false information. However, it is not excluded that Schufa and Oasis will work closer together in the future. This could increase addiction prevention, but also lead to the closures that come about due to the Schufa entries

Conclusion on online casinos without an oasis blocking file

The importance of a central and national blocking database like Oasis cannot be denied. Oasis helps protect the player. However, this is undoubtedly at the expense of anonymity, and the players will ask themselves whether there are risks to data protection and self -determination. Of course, this suspicion is not entirely unfounded, since all lottery drivers, horse betting providers, bookmakers, arcade and online casinos in USA have access to these data records. In principle, data protection is of course very important. However, the relative new development of Oasis cannot be ignored, some errors in the system have probably not yet been discovered. So abuse is not entirely excluded, at least theoretically.

If you want to completely bypass the blocking file from Oasis, you should consider a few points if you play in an online casino without an oasis blocking file:

The player himself has to control his behavior. Anyone who generally tends to exceed the limits actually set financially and seasonally has little protection here.

Obligations such as the payment of rent and living costs must always come first. Only freely available credit can be used for online casino games.

Despite the many freedoms, online casinos without an oasis should offer the possibility of blocking. In addition, serious providers offer the opportunity to determine playing time, use and loss limits within the account. If these are reached, they are automatically deregistered within the specified time.

For all players who cannot keep these points reliably, we recommend playing within an online casino with an Oasis lock file.

Hold a lawyer on the subject of Oasi's lock

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