Fraud in online casinos is always an issue in catchy forums that deal with gambling on the Internet. The Worldwideweb has now been littered with virtual games. For some players, especially newcomers in the field, it is very difficult and sobering to select a safe and serious online casino from this huge, confusing offer. We did the casino fraud test to out for you the best online casinos 2022.

The most serious online casinos 2022

SilverPlay Casino Bonus:
125% up to $ 1000 bonus
Live casino. TV games & more
Without limit with EU license
5,0 rating
Without restrictions & limits
Greatwin Casino Welcome bonus:
500 $ bonus + 200 free spins or sports betting bonus
Slots, jackpots, live games and table games
5,0 rating
Brand new online casino with license from May 2022
Cazimbo bonus offer:
150 free spins + up to 1000 $
Live dealer, table games, jackpots, slot machines
No limits thanks to EU license
5,0 rating
No monthly deposit limit
Slot Hunter Casino Bonus:
200 free spins + up to $ 300
50% up to $ 100 + 25 FS
Bonuscode: Open50
5,0 rating
The pure adventure without limit
Rollinglots bonus offer:
100 free spins + 200% to $ 500
Slot machines, table games & more
EU license without limits
5,0 rating
Fast spins without a break
Oxi casino welcome bonus:
100 $ Bonus + 100 Free Spins
Slots, table games, jackpots and live casino games
4,8 rating
New provider without limits
5gringos bonus offer:
5 different bonus offers
Live casino, table games, jackpots & more
Without limits, without regulations
4,8 rating
Carpin and turbospin available
Oh My Spins Bonus:
500 $ Casino bonus + 200 free games
Slots, table games, live dealer and jackpot games
5,0 rating
Licensed, fair and safe!
National Casino Bonus:
250 free spins + 200% to $ 550
2. deposit 50% up to $ 200
freitags bonus & montags Free spins
4,5 rating
No regulations & restrictions
MagicalSpin Casino Bonus:
100% bonus up to $ 1,000
+ 50 free spins
mindEsteinzahlung von nur 25$!
4,8 rating
EU license without limits
Casinoly bonus offer:
500 $ bonus + 200 free spins + VIP Bonus bis 3000$
Live casino, tournaments and much more
4,8 rating
New casino without limits
Rollinglots bonus offer:
200 free spins + $ 200 bonus
Slots, live casino and more
keine limits & bEschränkungen - eu-lizenz
4,8 rating
No verification & 5 seconds rule
Wazamba bonus offer:
500$ Bonus + 200 Freespins
15% Cashback bis 3000$
live casino, tischspiele & many slots
4,8 rating
EU license without limit & restrictions
Casombie Casino-Bonus:
100% bis 500$ + 100 Freespins
10 different bonus offers
15% cashback on all live games
4,8 rating
EU license without limits & restrictions
Platin Casino Bonus:
100% up to $ 250 + 120 free spins Book of Dead
Bonuscode: Welcome
4,8 rating
Play without limits & regulations!
Casinorex Bonus:
1000 $ + 100 free spins
On the first 5 deposits
Free spins and money bonus (Free Cash)
4,5 rating
VIP Bonus bis 2000$
CosmicSlot Casino Bonus:
1000 $ + 200 free spins
Cashback 10% bis 300$
50% to $ 100 + 50 FS every Friday
4,5 rating
Slots without limit & regulations
Oceanbreeze Casino Bonus:
50 free spins +
Play Book of Ra

+ 400% Bonus Deuthabs up to 200 2000 $
Bonuscode: WELCOME1
4,5 rating
Play Book of Ra with real money
LuckyDays Casino Bonus:
1000$ + 100FS
100 free spins Book of Dead
3. Entry 25% up to $ 700
4,5 rating
100 free spins after your first deposit
Guilty casino bonus:
100% bis 250$
10% real cashback
Money back every week
4,8 rating
Live casino, jackpots & more

Fraud in the online casino - is that possible?

We have to clarify one thing in advance: In many cases in which a supposed casino fraud is publicly denounced, it is not really fraud, even if this is perceived by those affected. It is often the case that the players did not meet the bonus conditions, and for this reason the online casino refuses a profit payment. Sometimes the account verification is simply missing, which is why a payment of profits in the online casino is not possible or is delayed. In addition, some players violate the game conditions - mostly unintentionally, but sometimes actually on purpose.

To accuse the operator in such a case of fraud is unfair, because every player is free to read through the conditions in the respective online casino.

The general terms and conditions in the online casino or the sales conditions should definitely contain the following information:

  • What exactly is the bonus offer?
  • How long is the doctorate valid?
  • What are the requirements to consider?
  • What is the maximum use per bet?
  • Is there a maximum profit limit?
  • For which countries is the bonus offer valid?
  • Which games/varieties are excluded from the offer?
  • How high is the percentage share of sales of the individual varieties?

Casino fraud about the bonus conditions?

What exactly is allowed and what is not, you can read in any online casino in the terms and conditions and in the bonus turnover conditions. Attention: In the bonus conditions, slot machines are often listed, where playing with active bonus is not allowed. If you don't follow this condition, you risk losing your profits and does not get it paid. In this case, there is no question of fraud on the part of the casino, because the rules are finally clearly explained.

The presence of these clauses cannot really be described as fraudulent machinations, especially since almost every online casino excludes certain games from the bonus game. If you read the bonus conditions of the individual online casinos carefully, as you should do with an insurance contract or a purchase contract, you will definitely be on the safe side here.

Limited profit payment - is that in the online casino fraud?

Some online casinos have a clause in their terms and conditions, for example, that the profits of free spins or from bonus games are only paid to a certain maximum amount. Here, too, a casino fraud cannot be assumed. Finally, it is communicated clearly that only a maximum profit is possible.

It only becomes difficult if the game conditions are written in other languages that you do not understand properly and therefore may not know some clauses. Every really serious online casino writes the bonus and terms and conditions in the state languages, the players of which it recognizes. So if you play from Germany, for example, you should also find all casino conditions in German. Unclear wording can be explained by the support if necessary. What we would be at the next point.

Casino fraud test through support

Whether you have to expect fraud at an online casino can also be checked via the support. How do you achieve customer service staff and how long does it take to get an answer? The most serious online casinos have a live chat through which the support staff can be reached around the clock. Some only offer help over the chat over a certain period of time. The fact is: If you need help during the specified business hours, someone should also answer directly. Online casinos where you have to wait a long time for a reply should be avoided.

It is also much easier here if customer service is available in several languages. In the best case in your own national language. If you want to be sure, just ask any question. If there is no reaction or it takes too long, we recommend that we better choose another online casino.

In the online casino on the lucky license

Every online casino must be able to show a valid license, otherwise the game offer is illegal. Whether that is a Casino license from Germany is or whether it is a EU license from other European countries At first it is secondary. Both licenses are serious and in both a regular review by the responsible supervisory authorities.

The reference to the currently valid lucky license can be found on every casino website that offers safe and fair gambling. But: here too there is fraud! Some fraudulent online casinos use a valid logo of one of the Licensing authorities, but do not link this with the associated license certificate. If there is not even a reference to the licensing in the terms and conditions or in the FAQs and you cannot check that there is actually a license, it can definitely be assumed. Some illegal casinos are even brazen and link to the license certificate from another provider. So always look closely!

Fraud in the casino - very few providers are dubious

Dubious online casinos try to enrich themselves at the expense of players. This is usually done by advertising for supposedly special bonus offers, misleading contractual clauses or unfair rules through vague formulated terms and conditions.

Such providers should be avoided as far as possible, do not register there and also report to the authority in question if you can find an unfair casino offer. Most of the time, the websites are quickly removed from the market and other players can no longer fall on the scam.

It is relatively easy to recognize dubious casinos through the above-mentioned fraud test variants, especially through the license test. Basically, you shouldn't play in internet casinos without a game license.

In our regularly carried out online casino test, however, we rarely came across one of these 'black sheep'. Most internet games are quite serious, fair and safe. In addition to the now very popular games, we have also subjected many new online casinos to a test for fraud. It is gratifying that we could not find any frauds there either.

Letter from readers regarding the online casinos we recommend - if, for example, support in the casino is not available, profits are not paid out or an account was blocked for no valid reason - we will also go seriously. However, we only react if the complaint about online casinos is also justified. It is normal for some providers to take a little longer for the personal data for a payment. This is not a valid reason for us. For all online casinos presented by us in the fraud test, we received our requested profit payment - sometimes earlier, sometimes a little later.

Feel free to read about the associated casino test report from our list from our list.

Black list of online casinos

You will not find a so -called blacklist with online casinos on our website from Why not? This question is easy to answer:

Illegal online casinos and fraudsters should receive as little attention as possible. The less often the casino names appear on the Internet, the less the likelihood that as a player you end up with Google search with such a provider. The more often dubious online casinos are mentioned, the higher the chance that you will appear somewhere in a list or, as a result of a search engine, be listed above.

Experienced players know what you have to look out for before giving an online casino your trust. First of all, we are concerned with protecting inexperienced and new players from disappointment and negative experiences through our fraud test.

Most of the complaints that we enter into refer to the refusal of a payment in the online casino. However, compliance with the profits is often based on the fact that the bonus conditions visible on the casino website have not been met. In this case, the supposedly cheated player is left behind, because the online casino is not forced to pay the profits. It is then very rare to reach an amicable agreement, because the operator rightly refers to the wording in his terms and conditions.

However, if the casino employees make a profit payment deliberately more difficult by repeatedly demanding new documents by the player, even though all the game conditions have been followed and fulfilled, one can assume a classic fraud. Such a deception of customers is definitely unacceptable.

Since even all players are, it is very important to us, not even to add unfair casino sites in our lists. We have extensively tested each of the online casinos listed by us, paid real money, played it and have our profits paid.

So far, none of our casino testers and play testers have had an obvious fraud. In theory, however, it can also happen to us that a black sheep slips. However, the probability is quite low. With the online casinos listed in our fraud test, you can play completely safe, fair and serious for real money.

These casino frauds are most common

Dubious online casinos usually use very specific means to deceive the players to annoy, annoy and get their money. Even if nobody was affected by us, you can always read in player forums how the casinos are used to pull the money out of their customers. Below we provide you with a list of the most frequently used casino frauds:

  1. Payments are processed far too slowly
    A particularly popular fraud in the online casino is slow withdrawing. In such a fraud, the profit payment is deliberately delayed and new documents are to be sent again and again for confirmation. The hope that the casino operator is behind it is that the players are so annoyed by the obviously not progressing withdrawal process that they at some point collapse, gamble the amount obtained in the casino and do not apply for any further payment.
  2. Much too high bonus sales conditions
    It is essential to read the wagering conditions and the terms and conditions carefully if you want to protect yourself against fraud in the online casino. The most common fraud cases are related to a bonus, the setting conditions of which have not been met. A high -quality bonus is not to be dealt with by the amount of the bonus estate, which can be claimed for a deposit. Rather, the bonus quality depends on the conditions that you have to meet for bonus sales. It is fair if you have to implement the bonus amount 30 to 40 times. However, some providers, for example, demand that you have to play the amount from a deposit and bonus 50 or even 60 times. Hard to create! Especially since you usually only have a certain time frame to meet all conditions. Therefore: Be sure to observe the bonus sales conditions if you play with casino bonus.
  3. Manipulated slot machines
    Even if it is extremely rare, isolated casino fraudsters use pirated copies in online casinos. Apparently it happens that manipulated slots are used in online casinos with fraudulent intentions. It is mainly copies of slot machines that are particularly popular. The algorithms of the games are optimized so that they pay less in the event of a profit than normal. This is not possible in licensed online casinos because the slot machines are also subject to constant controls.
  4. Unavailable support
    In most cases, customer service cannot be reached at a fraud casino, you have to wait for a long time for a long time or you only get vague information about a reported problem. In this way, casinos with intention to fraud try to keep the players and to worry in the long run in order to move them to give up. In most cases, customer service does not report when it comes to the application for a payment. Here it has proven itself to turn the tables, to stay stubborn and to ask again and again.

Much more trustworthy online casinos than fraud cases

You can be assured that there are very few on fraud under the several thousand online casinos. In fact, there is a huge selection of trustworthy casinos where you are absolutely safe on the road and that enable you to play a fair gambling. Many international online casinos that have a license from Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar or Great Britain are also completely safe and highly viewed at the player community. Especially because they are a game offer for you ohne Limits and can offer restrictions. Find one of the reputable online casinos that certainly have nothing to do with fraud from our list and register for an account! Have fun playing!

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