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before we Tested online casinos Among other things, an online role -playing game test was something that gave us a lot of fun. Playing is and has always been our passion. Many new MMORPGs came with us as the first "under review".

Online role -playing games are always in great demand and are still in trend today. No wonder, because here the players can slip into different roles and experience exciting adventures. In most so -called MMORPGs, the many breathtaking game worlds are waiting to be explored. Exciting quests, dark dungeons and other players make it possible that boredom never arises here.

The selection of different role -playing games is very large. Different genre, breathtaking graphics and other exciting content also ensure that something suitable for every taste can be found.

Where is played?

Role games can be played on different devices. There are both the games that are played on the PC as well as MMORPG for game consoles, such as the PlayStation or the Xbox. For example, Diablo III is very well known, which was available for both the PC as well as the Playstation and other consoles and where you could experience numerous adventures online together with other players. While the graphics in the PC variants often do not get to those from the PlayStation and Co., but the control is usually easier on the computer. Overall, however, opinions differ widely, although everyone should of course be happy in their gaming world.

In contrast to the “normal” playing online, our online role -playing test also clearly showed that the different games are often more time -consuming here. With WoW and Co., a completely different expenditure of time is necessary to be successful. For example, you have to raise different objects, which are then required for Buffffood and Co.

Online role -playing game test - the most famous games

There are some MMORPGs on the market that stand out from other games and therefore enjoy particularly popularity. In the following we want to present and show which gamers are particularly suitable for these role -playing games.

Different role -playing tests from the net

  • Dragon blood 2
  • Dragonborn
  • Dark Knight
  • Game of Thrones (
  • Ascent of the dragons
  • Neverwinter

The most famous online role -playing games

World of Warcraft

Enthusiastic since 2004 World of Warcraft Gamer all over the world and still belongs to the most famous role -playing game par excellence. In the meantime, Blizzard has not only released seven addons, but also gave WoW Classic the starting shot again, which was pleased with numerous fans.

Together with thousands of other players, you can choose between numerous classes and determine whether you want to fight directly at the front, continue to stand as a magician from behind or are responsible for healing the teammates.

So the possibilities are enormous and one thing is certain - at WoW you get to know great people and boredom has no chance. At WoW you don't always need to buy new extensions, but pay a fixed monthly amount that includes all extensions.

Guild Wars 2 - perfect for collectors and discoverers

If you fancy a good PvP with mass battles and exciting battlefields, you are exactly right here. With a continuous story and a lively world, the fun of the game reaches completely new dimensions. Original mounts and dynamic events inspire players all over the world and the combat system is more action -packed here than with many other games.

Players can play with others and experience great adventures. The roles and classes are individually selectable and the question of whether PvP or PVE is played can choose. It is not without reason that it is one of the best PvP mos par excellence, because both the battles between the political groups and a structured PvP on battlefields lead to a lot of fun.

The Elder Scrolls online role -playing game

We also want to present the Elter Scrolls in our online role -playing game test. A huge game world can be played on the PC as well as on the console such as the PlayStation and XBOS One. Both the story lovers and passionate fighters get their money's worth here.

However, our online role -playing test showed that this role -playing game is not the typical MMORPG. It plays much more than a solo RPG, which the community is rather pleased and one of the reasons why this role-playing game is so popular.

Blade & Soul

Blade and Soul was of course not missing in our online role -playing game test. This aims primarily at the anime and action fans and can score here with a rapid combat system and an epic anime story. The complex character menu also encounters enthusiasm. The updates and addons are completely free.

With great attention to detail, players can create the character exactly according to their own ideas and even adapt the colors and patterns of the costumes, which is the case with very few role -playing games. There is both free content in the game itself and the opportunity to equip yourself in the real money shop. So the players can decide for themselves whether they want to use this option or not.

Conclusion - the world of role -playing games was never more colorful than today

In our online role -playing test, we took a closer look at many different MMORPGs. The market has never been as big and colorful as it is today. Fortunately, because everyone can be sure that there is always something suitable for their own and individual taste. You can choose between the PC games and/or the consoles. In addition, there are free online role -playing games, as well as games where gamers can voluntarily buy items for real money. Last but not least, there is the possibility to choose the variant in which a monthly fixed amount is due, as is the case with Word of Warcraft, for example.

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