Krypto online casinos accept deposits in Bitcoin and Co. Use and profit payments are also possible in these casinos with cryptocurrencies. How exactly does the use of crypto work in the virtual casino? What advantages do this offer players? We explain what makes crypto online casinos. In our Casino Test have dealt with this currency as closer to the individual casinos.

The 15 best online casinos with cryptocurrency

SilverPlay Casino Bonus:
125% up to $ 1000 bonus
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Without limit with EU license
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Without restrictions & limits
Greatwin Casino Welcome bonus:
500 $ bonus + 200 free spins or sports betting bonus
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5,0 rating
Brand new online casino with license from May 2022
Cazimbo bonus offer:
150 free spins + up to 1000 $
Live dealer, table games, jackpots, slot machines
No limits thanks to EU license
5,0 rating
No monthly deposit limit
Slot Hunter Casino Bonus:
200 free spins + up to $ 300
50% up to $ 100 + 25 FS
Bonuscode: Open50
5,0 rating
The pure adventure without limit
Rollinglots bonus offer:
100 free spins + 200% to $ 500
Slot machines, table games & more
EU license without limits
5,0 rating
Fast spins without a break
Oxi casino welcome bonus:
100 $ Bonus + 100 Free Spins
Slots, table games, jackpots and live casino games
4,8 rating
New provider without limits
5gringos bonus offer:
5 different bonus offers
Live casino, table games, jackpots & more
Without limits, without regulations
4,8 rating
Carpin and turbospin available
Oh My Spins Bonus:
500 $ Casino bonus + 200 free games
Slots, table games, live dealer and jackpot games
5,0 rating
Licensed, fair and safe!
National Casino Bonus:
250 free spins + 200% to $ 550
2. deposit 50% up to $ 200
freitags bonus & montags Free spins
4,5 rating
No regulations & restrictions
MagicalSpin Casino Bonus:
100% bonus up to $ 1,000
+ 50 free spins
mindEsteinzahlung von nur 25$!
4,8 rating
EU license without limits
Casinoly bonus offer:
500 $ bonus + 200 free spins + VIP Bonus bis 3000$
Live casino, tournaments and much more
4,8 rating
New casino without limits
Rollinglots bonus offer:
200 free spins + $ 200 bonus
Slots, live casino and more
keine limits & bEschränkungen - eu-lizenz
4,8 rating
No verification & 5 seconds rule
Wazamba bonus offer:
500$ Bonus + 200 Freespins
15% Cashback bis 3000$
live casino, tischspiele & many slots
4,8 rating
EU license without limit & restrictions
Casombie Casino-Bonus:
100% bis 500$ + 100 Freespins
10 different bonus offers
15% cashback on all live games
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Platin Casino Bonus:
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What are crypto online casinos?

A crypto online casino is a virtual casino that also accepts cryptocurrencies. Acceptance can be limited to deposits. In this case, the casino accepts deposits of players in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. However, the deposit is then converted into a classic currency and posted on the game account.

If such a casino also enables payments in cryptocurrencies, after a payout requirement, a classic currencies into a cryptocurrency is converted again. Krypto online casinos of this type are quite widespread. This is thanks to the simple implementation of payment processes in Bitcoin and Co. The casinos can easily react to the increased interest in cryptocurrencies.

However, crypto online casinos in the narrower sense are providers that not only enable payments in Bitcoin and Co., but also lead game accounts in these currencies. For example, players can deposit Bitcoin to a game account and also see the credit without prior conversion into bitcoins. Operations are then also possible in Bitcoin - and also profit payments. Online casinos of this type go significantly and consume cryptocurrencies a full status as an economic currency.

What are the advantages of crypto casinos?

Many people invest in cryptocurrencies and also use them more and more to pay. Interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. has grown significantly in recent years.

For owners of these currencies, every application in everyday life is always interesting. A shop becomes more attractive for owners if it accepts cryptocurrencies. The same applies to online casinos. Against the background of the immense price increases in recent years, the acceptance of currencies of this kind is very attractive.

Use crypto stands without exchanging

Many investors have made large profits and only want to use them in everyday life - for example, for a session in the online casino. However, a certain skepticism for classic currencies is typical for fans. Krypto Online Casinos enable the practical use of the loved stocks without prior exchange.

A special advantage of online casinos is the very uncomplicated payment processing. With cryptocurrencies, deposits 24/7 are possible in real time - without the use of a Credit card or a bank account.

Deposit in the casino does not appear on the account statement

Anyone who mostly pays Bitcoin in a crypto online casino gains an advantage. Regular deposits using a credit card, payment release etc. appear on the account statement or credit card statement. Casino deposits on the account statement in particular can have a negative impact on the creditworthiness.

This is relevant, for example, if a player applies for a consumer loan and the account statements are checked by a bank employee or a digital account. Deposits at casinos can moderate the creditworthiness moderately for various statistical reasons.

Generally more privacy possible

Deposits with cryptocurrencies generally enable more privacy. This applies not only to the account statement, but also other data. If you apply for a credit card, for example, you have to expect reports from the card issuing bank to credit agencies. Wallets and accounts at Krypto Payment Services, on the other hand, are not reported there.

Higher payout limits

Many online casinos offer players more generous deposits and withdrawal limits. This applies in particular to comparison with casinos licensed in Germany. These set a monthly deposit limit of EUR 1000 across providers. Payout limits are often associated with the contracts between casino and payment service providers. Online casinos can therefore make much larger payments in seconds, because then no limits, additional fees, etc. are incurred.

Almost always compatible with bonus

Deposits with cryptocurrencies are almost always compatible with bonus offers for new customers. This does not apply to other payment methods: E-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller in particular, but Paysafecards are also often excluded from bonus offers. Players can use Bitcoin and Co. to make attractive bonuses.

Are there any disadvantages?

With real crypto online casinos with Bitcoin and Co. As a possible account, there are no disadvantages. The reason: if you want, you can usually deposit with classic means of payment and lead an account in euros, dollars etc. These currencies are just an additional option.

If a casino only accepts deposits in cryptocurrencies and then makes a conversion, but can result in additional costs. Fees for foreign exchange and exchange rate surcharges are conceivable. Then the costs can be higher than with a deposit with other payment methods.

The strong price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies can also be a disadvantage. For example, if you make a profit in the online casino and receive it in Bitcoin, you only know the current value in euros. Which amount is ultimately available in euros is only determined after the complete exchange.

Real crypto online casinos: games offer is expanded

With real crypto online casinos, which also lead game accounts in Bitcoin and Co. and enable missions in cryptocurrencies, the range of games is often somewhat smaller than with other providers. The reason can be seen in the fact that the games have to be adapted a bit. This process is still in the corridor for manufacturers and casinos. In the future there will be casinos whose games are no longer behind that of other providers.

In practice, many casinos drive two tracks. Then there is a special category for crypto games. In these, missions are also accepted in Bitcoin and Co. All games from this category require the use of alternative currencies.

For some casinos, players can lead a game account with sub -accounts in different currencies. Then it is possible, for example, to keep the main account in EUR and to hold Bitcoin under account. In this way, the growing Bitcoin offer can be gradually better used.

It is also important to take into account that most crypto online casinos are not licensed in Germany. This brings advantages in the range of games. The German regulations do not apply to international casinos.

This means that licensed casinos can also offer bank holder games that are currently not available in Germany. Since the five percent deployment tax abroad in USA does not apply in this form, there are also more games - especially those with attractive distribution rates.

Which currencies are accepted?

Each casino decides which cryptocurrencies are accepted. Typically, the most popular coins are accepted among consumers. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Stablecoin Tether is also often accepted. The casinos tend to expand their offer of accepted currencies.

How do deposits work in the Crypto Casino?

Deposits with cryptocurrencies in the online casino are generally very easy. However, there are two variants.

In the first variant, players send Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency directly from their wallet to the wallet of the casino. Typically, the casino has to be informed of its own wallet address beforehand so that the payment can be assigned. Here it is advisable to customer service beforehand and ask for the details.

Special payment services are used in the second variant. These wrap the payment. There are now various providers such as Coinspaid. This service has mature technology and enables casinos to integrate interfaces. Often the deposit is made via these services via an individual hot wallet. As a result, payments are possible very quickly and easily. At the same time, players can strictly limit the use of the Hot Wallet to directly planned payments and keep larger stocks in a cold wallet.

Crypto bonuses often particularly attractive

Many crypto online casinos create special bonus offers for customers who deposit with these currencies. These offers are often much more generous than other bonuses. In some casinos there is a claim to a crypto bonus every day. This is often very high. Up to 500 EUR per day are quite possible.

Crypto bonuses are also subject to sales conditions. However, these are not necessarily stricter than with other bonus offers. Overall, cryptos users receive more and more generous bonuses without sharper requirements.

Exceptions prove the rule. For some providers, cryptocurrencies are excluded from the welcome bonus. In this case, the use of Bitcoin and Co. is a disadvantage for deposits.


A crypto online casino is in the broader sense is a casino that accepts this currency for deposits. Crypto online casinos in the narrower sense also lead accounts in Bitcoin and Co. and also accept missions in cryptocurrencies. These casinos offer fans the biggest advantages because no foreign exchange rate is required and processes are quick and without additional costs.

Deposits with this currency are very attractive with regard to privacy, speed and costs. In addition, there are often special bonus offers for owners of Bitcoin and Co. The range of games can be restricted in individual cases, insofar as games with the possibility of operations in these currencies.

In practice, however, this is often compensated for by the fact that these online casinos in the Licensed abroad are and not under various German restrictions such as the operational tax and the current factual ban on banking games.

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