Play library or online casino? Our test

We are often asked what the advantages of online casino are compared to a classic casino. In this article I explain the advantages, but also the disadvantages. In the end, however, I am in a very clear opinion.

The atmosphere

Unfortunately there is no direct comparison here because you play the online casino on your cell phone or PC while you have the famous play atmosphere in a casino. So I would rather tend to the game library at this point.

"Sight feeling"

The atmosphere in the casino gives you the feeling of being up close and not being shit, such as when you sit on the PC and the game is controlled by complete software. As an example, I take roulette. The group cannot ultimately influence the number on which the ball is located, but this is possible with software.

But: There are also numerous live casinos in online casinos, where an employee is provided who accompanies the whole game. So you have the feeling that you are directly afraid of a system.

These were now the disadvantages of the online casino, which the game library benefited. Now we come to the advantages.

Always and everywhere!

Exactly, you can play in an online casino anytime and anywhere! This is possible with the cell phone. Everyone knows it, you have an eternally long train ride in front of you, just pull out your smartphone and pass the time a little with the gaming.

Furthermore, you can play comfortably from home on the PC, so you don't even have to move away from your residence. Without the online casino you also depend on the opening hours of the game stores.

In the online casino you will find everything

Who doesn't know it, you drove to the casino and really feel like a specific game. Then you are finally there, but you can't find this game on any device. This is really annoying. Most online casinos, on the other hand, have a huge selection of games, where you will certainly find what you are looking for. You have all the categories for an overview and get the most popular and new games directly.

The bonus offers

Every online casino advertises with them; Welcome offer and bonus! These are usually not to be striked because you can simply enjoy very attractive advantages. The most popular is the surcharges on the first deposits. For example, you get a 100 % bonus on the first deposit, the second 50 % and the third. In addition, many online casinos also offer free spins for selected games, the players get 10 free spins for a specific game for the first three days.

The bonuses are also mostly the selection criterion, which is why a player opts for a certain casinos. But be careful! The bonuses are only once, in my opinion there are other criteria such as support, game selection and profit rate. Unless an online casino regularly offers bonuses.

My conclusion

Ultimately, I believe that the advantages of the Online-Casinos are more meaningful. I've been playing online for 10 years. Before that, I only played in casinos, so I have an excellent comparison and can certainly say that the online casinos are better and will continue to replace the game stores in the future. Opinions are different and many of you will think I'm just talking nonsense. A visit to a casino can still be fun.

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