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Spiele Lord of the Ocean

Play Lord of the Ocean for free and as long as you have fun! Simply play without registration or costs.

Lord of the Ocean, as the name suggests, is about the ruler of the oceans. This slot offers a lot of features, so the fun cannot be lost quickly. Sometimes I could play it for hours. But not in free mode, but at sunmaker casino For real money!

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As with the other games, you first have to choose a mission here and decide how many paylines you want to play with. A maximum of 10 paylines can be selected, actually I always play with 10 paylines. You can choose the use below in the bar between 0.04 - 100.00 $. In addition to the selection of paylines, there is also the "Menu" field, where you can call up the winning table of the game.

Starts the game via the green start button at the bottom right or uses the car start function, which is right next to it. If you activate them, the machine turns on its own and you can just watch. I personally prefer to press the start function myself.

There is a special symbol that has several functions. It's the scatter! A scatter is independent of the paylines and does not have to lie side by side on a payline, in contrast to regular symbols. He is also a prerequisite for the free spins, because if you have 3 scatter in one game, the free spins will be started. You get 10 free spins and a bonus symbol. The bonus symbol is one of the regular symbols and has a special function in the free spins. It covers a complete roller when it appears. So if you have a bonus symbol on every roller, the whole game is covered with this special symbol and pours out a huge win!

In addition, the symbol is the joker in the game and replaces all the symbols on the rollers. So you have a much greater opportunity to win money. So keep your eyes open when this symbol appears several times in a game!

The symbol that pays the most is the "Lord of the Ocean", as you can also see on the winning table.

Have fun playing!


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