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Games Desert Cats

Here you can play Desert Cats online and free of charge. Registration is not necessary, tests a few rounds, lots of fun!
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A new slot at sunmaker casino! The old Egypt is the subject of the game and therefore also the name of the game, because cats used to play an important role, they were sacred. And the cat is also the focus here, because it plays an important feature.

Im sunmaker casino You can of course play for real money!

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To start the game, simply click on the circular arrow in the middle. But before you start playing, you should first choose your desired use. Because this can be selected from $ 0.50 to $ 100.00, i.e. playable with both low and high use. A profit is achieved if at least 3 same symbols are side by side on a payline. There are a total of 50 paylines that cannot be changed as with other slots, because the 50 paylines are determined at Desert Cats. You can see how these paylines run under "Information" in the game. You can call the information about the "?".

Now to the features. What will definitely notice you in the first rounds is the large golden cat, which occupies 2 rollers at the same time, and that's a good thing. Because this cat is the joker in the game and replaces all the symbols. So a lot of winning options can be made possible. With the screenshots below you can also see what it looks like when the joker is preserved in a winning combination. Some jokers are decorated with gemstones. These are part of the jackpot, if you collect 6 or more gemstones, a jackpot is released for you, usually a very high profit. You can also see how much you get for a certain number of gemstones in the screenshots.

The lion is also very striking, but does not appear as often as the joker. Could be because the lion is the scatter and is therefore independent of paylines. If he appears scattered on the reels, i.e. not appearing on a payline next to each other, he will still pay you a profit. That is why he is referred to here as a "stranger symbol".

But the lion not only has this function, it also gives you free spins if it appears at least 3 times on the rollers. For 3 lions you get 5 free spins, for 4 lions you get 15 free spins and also multiplied your total mission X10. If you have 5 lions on the rollers, which is rarely possible but is also possible, you will receive 50 free spins your total assignment x15!

The special thing about the free spins, 2 × 2 rollers are completely replaced with the joker symbol! So you almost have a guarantee to make a profit with every spin!


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