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Lost Treasure, the somewhat different gambling. Here you can play it for free and as long as you want!

This game is not difficult to understand, just use an assignment and hope that a profit is hiding in the chests 😉

If you like the game and you want to play for real money, then have a look!

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This game is very easy to understand. In the 4 chests you see, there are either great winnings or sometimes nothing.

Your job is now to bet on whether there is something in the chests. You can on a single bet or on several. After that, you still have to select the use per box. If you have decided on both, click on "Play", the chests open and the profits or rivets are revealed.

If you are satisfied with the winnings, click on "Collect". But don't forget; You can also double the amount obtained! Simply click on "Double" and with a little luck, when opening the rear door, there is another chest that doubles your entire profit!


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