Carnaval - carnival packaged in a slot machine!

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Here at there is "carnaval" to test online and free of charge. Have fun playing 🙂

The crazy carnival packed in a slot machine! A nice, colorful design that spreads a good mood!

You can also play Carnaval for real money, with the gover luck!

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You can choose from 0.25 to 45.00. Simply determine the paylines under "Select lines" and increase/reduce the overall assignment in the + and - increase/reduce. To start the game, simply click on the "Turn" button at the bottom right. You can find a car starting function in expert mode when you click on “expert” at the bottom left of the red box.

To call up the winning table, simply click on "Show payment" over the two outer rollers.

The winnings are counted on a maximum of 9 paylines (which you can determine) from left to the right.

The game offers wild and scatter on features.

Scatter is independent of the paylines and therefore does not necessarily have to be side by side on a payline in order to pay a profit.

The wild symbol is like a joker and replaces all the symbols on the rollers. You simply recognize the symbol by the inscription "Wild".


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