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Have you ever thought about a career in the casino or a casino? Simply push a few chips over the tables and announces profits. It may be that simple, but there is a lot more to do here. The profession as a croupier is very varied and it never gets boring.

But how do you become a croupier?

There is no state -recognized training as a croupier. These training are mostly private and are offered by the casinos or casinos themselves. These are usually evening courses and are taught in the casino itself. There you get to know various games of chance, the different roles at the gaming table and of course some skills that require an appointment as a croupier.

This training usually lasts at least 2 months and not longer than 8 months. The only catch on this training; It is not paid. But this shouldn't be a reason for this not to compete, because this is still manageable at the shortness of the training.

Prerequisite of a croupier

Foreign language skills, mathematics and basic knowledge of gambling.

As you can imagine, mathematics is of course one of the basic skills of a croupier. Collal arithmetic should not cause you any problems, because numbers are the basics of gambling. And if it becomes confusing and stressful, you have to keep an overview and must not allow yourself any careless mistakes.

Why foreign languages? Gambling is internationally known, and it is not uncommon for you to sit at a table with travelers or tourists. The English language is of course a must. Further language skills in American, Spanish or Italian are of course also welcome in casinos, but for a long time not as important as English.

It is not enough to know your own favorite games and deal with the rules of them. During your training you will get to know the most important and most played games and have to know everything about you. Of course, you don't have to bring the knowledge of gambling, but you have to be willing to learn a lot about different games.

Course of the training

Of course, you learn to handle the missions, i.e. the game chips. You have to be able to handle the rake cleverly and should not bring the stacked chips to a trap, because if that happens, the casino would look dubious.

You also get to know general rules of a casino and the individual games. Gambling addiction is also a very important topic that the croupiers have to be informed about. So knowledge and skills are taught to the same extent.

The appearance of a croupier

Of course, it makes a very good impression when the croupier appear carefully and have a nice appearance. Therefore, the female people usually wear an evening dress and the men appear in black suits. The casinos want to look very noble and mostly have visitors who are somewhat wealthier, so pay attention to the casinos when setting staff.

Can you climb to the Casino Manager?

Unlike in other professions, it can take a long time for you to rise up a position. As a croupier, you are only an accompanying person at the gaming table, but still bears a little responsibility.

But the table boss stands over the croupier, to which you can get up afterwards. This has to keep an eye on the whole game and see that everything goes to the right. Another climb would be promotion to the hall boss. As you can imagine, he has responsibility through the entire hall and therefore bears a lot of responsibility. Therefore, it takes some time before you have risen to this position.

Then comes the casino director, for which at least 25 years of professional experience in the casinos is required. And in the end comes the casino manager, which stands over the entire casino. He is responsible for security, the staff and must be informed about the casino, as well as all the gambling. He also has to make sure that everything works within the framework of the state rules.

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