What extras are there in the online casino and what are these offers worth? Classic new customer bonuses have long been standard in online casinos. However, the providers are increasingly relying on the binding of existing customers and can come up with a lot. Tournaments, cashback, VIP programs, reload bonuses and more.

The best online casinos with many extras

SilverPlay Casino Bonus:
125% up to $ 1000 bonus
Live casino. TV games & more
Without limit with EU license
5,0 rating
Without restrictions & limits
Greatwin Casino Welcome bonus:
500 $ bonus + 200 free spins or sports betting bonus
Slots, jackpots, live games and table games
5,0 rating
Brand new online casino with license from May 2022
Cazimbo bonus offer:
150 free spins + up to 1000 $
Live dealer, table games, jackpots, slot machines
No limits thanks to EU license
5,0 rating
No monthly deposit limit
Slot Hunter Casino Bonus:
200 free spins + up to $ 300
50% up to $ 100 + 25 FS
Bonuscode: Open50
5,0 rating
The pure adventure without limit
Rollinglots bonus offer:
100 free spins + 200% to $ 500
Slot machines, table games & more
EU license without limits
5,0 rating
Fast spins without a break
Oxi casino welcome bonus:
100 $ Bonus + 100 Free Spins
Slots, table games, jackpots and live casino games
4,8 rating
New provider without limits
5gringos bonus offer:
5 different bonus offers
Live casino, table games, jackpots & more
Without limits, without regulations
4,8 rating
Carpin and turbospin available
Oh My Spins Bonus:
500 $ Casino bonus + 200 free games
Slots, table games, live dealer and jackpot games
5,0 rating
Licensed, fair and safe!
National Casino Bonus:
250 free spins + 200% to $ 550
2. deposit 50% up to $ 200
freitags bonus & montags Free spins
4,5 rating
No regulations & restrictions
MagicalSpin Casino Bonus:
100% bonus up to $ 1,000
+ 50 free spins
mindEsteinzahlung von nur 25$!
4,8 rating
EU license without limits
Casinoly bonus offer:
500 $ bonus + 200 free spins + VIP Bonus bis 3000$
Live casino, tournaments and much more
4,8 rating
New casino without limits
Rollinglots bonus offer:
200 free spins + $ 200 bonus
Slots, live casino and more
keine limits & bEschränkungen - eu-lizenz
4,8 rating
No verification & 5 seconds rule
Wazamba bonus offer:
500$ Bonus + 200 Freespins
15% Cashback bis 3000$
live casino, tischspiele & many slots
4,8 rating
EU license without limit & restrictions
Casombie Casino-Bonus:
100% bis 500$ + 100 Freespins
10 different bonus offers
15% cashback on all live games
4,8 rating
EU license without limits & restrictions
Platin Casino Bonus:
100% up to $ 250 + 120 free spins Book of Dead
Bonuscode: Welcome
4,8 rating
Play without limits & regulations!

Tournaments as extras in the online casino

There are always so -called tournaments in a large number of online casinos. The principle: There is a game or a list of games that take part in the tournament. Mostly it is slots. Anyone who turns on these slots during the campaign period will take part in the tournament. A certain minimum insert may be required for this.

There are points for participation. Those who have collected enough points end up end up in one of the front places in the ranking. There are part of the price pool in these places. Price pools can contain cash, bonus money or free spins as extras.

There are tournaments with rather small price pools from, for example, 500 free spins worth EUR 0.20 each. The marketing budget of the casino then limits just EUR 100. But much larger price pools with cash prices in the four, five or even six-figure range are also possible.

What types of tournaments are there?

Tournaments differ not only with regard to the scope of the price pool, but also in the type of points. For some tournaments there are points for missions. Then there is, for example, a point for each application from 0.20 EUR. Here players collect the most points when playing with the permissible minimum insert. The course of the game does not affect the number of points collected.

With their extras, however, many casinos also rely on tournaments with a multiplier model. The following applies here: the higher the profit multiplier, the higher the placement in the ranking. If you can look forward to a high profit, you will win twice.

If an online casino offers tournaments regularly, this can certainly represent added value. Ultimately, the price pool is released in addition to the regular RTP of the games. In particular, if tournaments are organized with games, the RTP of which is already attractive, this also applies to the tournaments.

VIP Programme

Many online casinos now rely on VIP programs for customer loyalty in terms of extras. The programs are designed very differently. Sometimes there are 5 steps, sometimes 20 steps. All VIP programs are common that there are larger benefits in the higher levels.

Typically, players rise by collecting points. Points are collected through missions. Then, for example, it applies that 1.0 points are credited to the VIP program per 20 EUR. However, a look at details is always necessary.

Bonuses for reaching a new level

Very often there is one for reaching a new level bonus. These can be bonus money or free spins. Real money is also possible in higher levels. At the low levels, the offer is often limited to around 20-50 free spins. Up to EUR 20,000 bonus money is also possible in very difficult steps of the VIP programs.

The bonus conditions are crucial for the value of the bonuses. 50 free spins with a spin value of EUR 0.01 each are clearly limited in value. The following applies to bonus money: the lower the sales conditions, the better. In some casinos, the conditions for VIP bonuses correspond to those of the regular new customer bonuses. Then there is often a 20-fold or even 40-fold sales condition. However, some casinos are also satisfied with a two- or triple sales condition- these bonuses are then much more attractive.

Bonuses for exchanging points

Many VIP programs also provide for the exchange of collected points for bonuses. In addition to the bonus condition, the exchange ratio is decisive for the attractiveness. This is often not fixed, but at the VIP level.

For example, a player has to redeem 20 loyalty points for 10 EUR bonus on the first stage of a VIP program, and 5-10 points are often enough at the highest level. The bonuses become cheaper with ascending VIP level.

Higher payout limits

The VIP programs in online casinos very often provide for the higher ranks more generous payout limits. If a casino defines the regular payment limit, e.g. to EUR 5,000 per day, it can be EUR 20,000 or even EUR 50,000 per day in higher ranks. This is naturally a crucial criterion for the high roller and very active players.

Birthday bonus

Many online casinos their customers on their birthday and then also provide a bonus. In VIP programs, additional birthday bonuses are often provided that can be quite generous. Here, too, the bonus conditions are crucial for the actual value of the extras.

More VIP discounts

There are a number of other discounts. Some casinos first make new games available VIP customers. A separate VIP customer service can also be found frequently - this is then available, for example, 24/7 and not just during office hours.

The assignment of a personal customer supervisor is also widespread. Players no longer have to call in general customer care and can use personal .

Even higher operational limits are often only accessible to VIP participants. Many online casinos also organize VIP exclusive lotteries and raffles. If the raffles are open to all customers of the casino, VIP customers often receive more tickets.


Cashback is a central discount in online casinos. The principle of this extras: there is a defined period of view (for example the calendar week), for which a net loss suffered is reimbursed.

An example: A player uses 500 EUR at slots in a calendar week. He wins 200 EUR. The loss of net is therefore at EUR 300. The casino offers 10 % cashback. On the calendar week following Monday, 30 EUR will therefore be paid out.

Why is the Casino Cashback so valuable among the extras?

Cashback is valuable because it can significantly improve the distribution rate. Each player will suffer a loss sooner or later. Cashback reduces this loss something - and brings players closer to the profit threshold.

In addition, a simple case study with ten calendar weeks considered. A player wins 500 EUR in five of the calendar weeks. In the five other calendar weeks, it loses 500 EUR net. This results in a result of zero over the entire ten weeks.

However, since the player receives 50 EUR cashback in the five loss weeks, he increases his result to an increase of EUR 250. Cashback makes the difference between a zero and a win.

What makes good cashback offers?

How valuable a cashback offer is depends on the exact design. The percentage is of course very important. The more a casino repays, the better. Cashback offers in the range of 3-15 % can currently be found on the market.

The percentage is often related to the rank achieved in the VIP program. With many casinos, cashback is only available for players in the upper VIP ranks. Other players without VIP rank only grant a very low percentage, but pay a lot to the higher-classified players.

The assessment basis is also very important. With many casinos, only operations in slots count. For example, if you lose in the LiveCasino or with software-based table and card games, you will not receive cashback. Other casinos take all missions into account. The more missions are taken into account, the better.

The accounting interval is also of crucial importance. The following applies here: the shorter, the better. Most casinos offer weekly or daily cashback. Daily cashback is clearly preferred because there is a compensation for losses here very quickly. The greater the billing interval, the more likely to be credited to the net loss and thus a reduction in cashback entitlement.

The conditions under which cashback is credited are crucial. Some casinos treat cashback like an ordinary bonus and require a 30-fold rollover before cashback is converted into real money. Other casinos are satisfied with a simple rollover or do without sales conditions. Of course, the following applies: the looser, the better.

Reload Boni

Reload bonuses are available in many online casinos as extras. The principle: existing customers receive a bonus for further deposits. It can be bonus money and/or free spins. Around 50 % for deposits up to EUR 200 are common.

For reload bonuses, a sales request always applies, which is usually based on the order of the new customer bonus in the respective online casino. In addition to the amount of the sales condition, the term, the permissible maximum use, the number of games taken into account and the available payment methods also play a role in the evaluation. The minimum deposit is also worth a look. 20 EUR is common, 5-50 EUR is possible.

In general, the more reload bonuses are available in a casino, the better. Some casinos only offer a bonus that can be used once a month. Other casinos allow the use as frequently or offer their own reload bonus than extras for (almost) every weekday.

Raffles as extras

Some online casinos also use raffles for customer loyalty as extras. Then there is tickets for a weekly or daily raffle depending on the participation of the game. Some casinos have loose for missions, for others also for every login.

The raffled prices and the probabilities of winning are decisive for the value of the raffles. Some casinos limit prices to rather low-quality objects from the in-house online shop such as T-shirts with the logo of the online casino. Whether you like such extras is a matter of taste. Other providers are giving away high -priced trips, consumer electronics, etc. These extras are definitely more worthwhile.

Existing customer bonuses can exceed new customer bonus

An attractive package of reload bonus, VIP program, cashback, tournaments and raffles can mean added value in the three -digit euro range per year for active players. It is therefore important to pay attention to corresponding programs and extras when choosing a casino.

The value of the programs can even exceed that of a new customer bonus. Anyone who receives around 10 % weekly cashback and in one year 26 profit and 26 loss will be won with a profit or loss of EUR 100 each, you will receive a total of EUR 260 cashback, which ideally will still be paid out without sales. New customer bonuses have not always reached this height- and are still subject to a 30- to 40-fold sales condition.

Nevertheless, players at online casinos with attractive existing customer bonuses do not have to do without new customer bonuses. Typically, casinos with a high budget for existing customers are also quite well positioned compared to new customers.

Casinos abroad tend to be more generous - and offer further advantages

Casinos with a foreign license are tend to be more generous with existing customer bonuses. Here there are often VIP programs, cashback, reload bonuses and Co. This is also due to the fact that the casinos have been on the market for longer than their competitors with German license and therefore attach great importance to inventory customer binding.

Foreign casinos offer players as extras other advantages, since it is not the German but foreign rules. For example, players can individually determine deposit and deployment limits for casinos abroad and are not tied to the strict German requirements. In Germany, a cross -monthly monthly deposit limit of EUR 1000 and a set of operations in the amount of EUR 1 for slots applies.

There are also more games abroad - since a jackpot ban applies in this country and LiveCasino games are not offered. Usually there are also many more software providers (such as Amatic) represented as in the German casino. There are also banking slots abroad that are prohibited in Germany. Classic banking games have to be licensed in USA by the federal states, which has not yet been implemented.

Online casinos with a foreign license also enable a faster gameplay because there is no 5 second rule, no 5 minutes forced break every 60 minutes and no ban in parallel game. All extras that you have to do without the online casino Germany.

Last but not least, foreign providers can provide their customers demo slots without an account opening. The opening of the account is also possible abroad - the verification can then be made up for the first time. In Germany, this is only possible up to a deposit of EUR 100 and for a maximum of 72 hours.


When looking for a good online casino, players should not pay attention to extras such as the new customer bonus. This is particularly important on the first meters, but loses importance in the long term.

What is more important are permanent extras for existing customers that bring the profit threshold closer. This includes in particular cashback. The following applies here: the shorter the billing interval, the higher the percentage and the more freely the bonus conditions, the better.

VIP programs with regular bonuses, higher payout limits and other benefits can also be valuable. If an online casino offers regular tournaments with a good price pool as extras, this is also an advantage. Foreign casinos tend to be ahead of their German competitors when binding for existence. In our detailed online Casino Test Let us introduce you to a large selection including the associated test reports.

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