Since the new gambling law for German casino providers, there has been no longer a autoplay function for slot machines. We find this regulation just as meaningless as that 5 seconds rule and the maximum use of $ 1 On slots and video machines per game round. But we have a very easy solution how you can play with the Autoplay function in several casinos on slot machines.

The 10 best online casinos with autoplay function

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Until recently, the Autoplay feature was very popular with players and casinos, as you could sit back with it and the machine almost played itself. Above all, the big developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming or Big Time Gaming were happy to build these features into their games. But one thing is particularly noticeable here, it is spoken in the past. This feature has now been removed from most online casinos.

This very sudden development is primarily the new gambling right in USA in connection with EU guidelines. The situation is explained in more detail below and what rules now apply and a selection of license for online casinos with Autoplay.

What is the difference between autoplay and normal slots?

At first glance, there is no difference between machines with autoplay, function and conventional slots. What makes these slot machines special is the possibility of adjusting the slot so that the spins take place completely automatically. Each rotation is automatically carried out independently with the previously set use. Even a profit does not interrupt this process, the reels continue to rotate continuously and only stop when the bankroll has been used up, free spins have been won or the previously set spins have been carried out.

This offers the players a few advantages. With this feature, several slots can be played at the same time without constantly having to switch between the windows. You can also do something else in the between time and wait for free spins. Thanks to this feature, customers can also achieve the sales rules of bonuses faster and can have the bonus credit withdrawn faster. Another advantage, but rather through the back door, that many of these casinos can also leave missions above $ 1 per spin.

But of course there are also disadvantages, so the Gamble Feature and some other popular people are deactivated in the Autoplay mode. In addition, players and machines are a little weaker with these providers and machines, since no break is often arranged after 1 hour and any operating limits are exhibited. It must always be kept in mind that you can quickly lose a lot of money here, since the machine continues to turn continuously and does not pay attention to any losses and its height.

Where can you still find casinos with Autoplay Feature?

Even if online casinos with autoplay are less common, they are not completely disappearing from the industry and reputable pages, you just have to know where to look. While the research has a lot of one thing in particular whether an online casino slots with Autoplay offers, depends heavily on the license of the respective casino. In the following we will give a brief overview and also give tips on where you shouldn't register.

Curacao casinos

Curaçao is a Dutch overseas area in the Caribbean, which is particularly known for sun, beach and sea. But Casinofans think of Blackjack, Poker and Co. directly at Curaçao, since this island is becoming one of the most important locations for online casinos thanks to the liberal and open gambling laws. Some of the best-known online casinos providers have their headquarters, whether with a live casino, slot machine with and without autoplay or also normal blackjack, roulette and the like at this point it should be said that Curaçao falls under EU regulations and thus one Focus on the fair handling of the casinos with the players. Providers must also register and licensed.

Malta Casinos

Malta is the absolute hotspot for online casinos in Europe. Here, too, the liberal gambling laws and full EU membership have attracted many providers. Freedom of service made it possible online casinos from Malta to also establish itself on the German market. Even if gambling is subject to a ban in this country, these providers can still operate in Germany, the ECJ and the EU law just mentioned break national law at this point. But it should also be said that a new gambling will come and that many of the providers will position themselves for a German license with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Unregulated online casinos

During our research, we noticed some casinos that do not provide any to very vague information about your license. Since the handling in a casino should always be fair and this fairness is ensured by regulations, we advise you from casinos that only vaguely comment on your license. At this point, of course, we do not want to accuse these providers of a systematic fraud, but we remind everyone to caution. Such pages always have the possibility that it is a fraud.

Why are there no online casinos with Autoplay in Germany?

This is mainly due to the very strict legislation, the gambling regulates heavily. In the federal government, most countries that are responsible for these regulations have repeatedly pleaded for a ban on online casinos in Germany. That is why the list of online casinos with a German license is quite manageable, which inevitably has an impact on online casinos with Autoplay function. However, the question arises as to why foreign providers can then operate on the German market.

The answer is very simple, in this case USA has brought itself to the Zwickmühle, since online casinos are considered not capable of licensing. This means that online casinos in USA need a foreign license anyway. Schleswig-Holstein alone got out of the Gaming State Treaty and strived for a liberal solution. This led to the curious situation that many offers were only valid for residents of Schleswig-Holstein.

On top of that, the German dishes, but also the ECJ, were banned in not permission and thus was able to operate online casinos with Autoplay as part of the aforementioned freedom of service in Germany. But new regulations have been in effect since this year and a lot is changing.

Changes through the new gaming contract of 2021

After long negotiations, the individual federal states were able to agree on a common attitude, to the surprise of many. For a long time it saw after another stalemate between the critics and supporters of more liberal gambling legislation. The countries have opted for a profound change in gambling right in Germany. From now on, future online casinos in USA should apply for a license for the Federal Republic and adhere to the following framework controls.

A deposit limit of a maximum of $ 1,000 per month applies, this regulation applies across the board because customers are entered in a central register. This means that once a player has paid $ 1,000, deposits are blocked for the rest of the month, regardless of whether they were made in one or more casinos. In the same breath, operations per spin are limited to a maximum of $ 1 or the total equivalent per payline is set for $ 1.

Furthermore, online casinos in USA have to offer a panic button with blocking function, which activates a lock for 24 hours and cannot be deactivated. In addition, online casinos have to implement a reality check with a break, which means that the customer has to take a break of at least 5 minutes after one hour.

And last but not least, the regulations which online casinos with autoplay slots breaks the neck, all spins have to be done manually. Autoplay function has an increased addiction potential, it should also be said at this point that studies support this assumption. Slots with autoplay function should only be played by customers who are not suffering from a gambling addiction or the same or are susceptible to them.

This service means that USA has one of the strictest gambling legislates, but on the other hand, player protection is the strongest in the foreground. This is further supported by a central blocking register in which players can register and thus be blocked in all German online casinos. On the above countries, i.e. Curaçao and Malta, online casinos are still allowed with Autoplay feature and are also offered.

Are online casinos with autoplay feature in USA and are these providers serious?

Basically, all online casinos in USA are more or less in a gray area, of which, with the exception of naturally licensed casinos in Germany, such as Wunderino. However, slots with autoplay function are always prohibited, as they bite the gambling regulation. So it is completely legally offered for licensed casinos, but none of them may contain an autoplay function. Casinos that are based abroad naturally apply the national laws of the respective country.

As for the seriousness of online casinos with autoplay features, it should be said that these features are not decisive for the seriousness of them. In this context, other aspects are relevant, the license has a major impact on seriousness. The above licenses commit the online casinos to commit themselves to the fair play and are also monitored. Further security can be obtained from independent tests, such as through eCommerce online gaming regulation and assurance (ecograp). One should also make sure that the player protection will be given an important role and that this does not focus on the narrative of "flexibility and personal responsibility".

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