Online casino profits - taxes and tax office

What about casino or poker prize money with taxes and the tax office? We have had some experiences with German tax offices and gambling. Positive it was a trauma !!!

Tax profits from the online casino?

Legally speaking are casino games pure gambling - so tax -free? As in the casino or the casino, roulette, blackjack or slot machines count 100% for gambling. So you would have to think that the Profit as with Lotto, which is of course state -managed, too tax -free.

Duty to provide evidence for the tax office

At first the following applies: where no plaintiff is not a judge! But if the tax office once noticed that you have won or "earned" money in online casinos, you get into the obligation to provide evidence. This means that you have to prove exactly where the money comes from and what paths it took. In this case you need a payment receipt from this casino. But that's not so easy because very few online casinos officially confirm a profit. But what is possible to request the entry and withdrawals. You get this as an Excel table, but the tax office does not recognize something like that, because you could change it at your own disadvantage. In German - it's not easy with the tax authorities!

Todo list for professional players

The tax office would like to have all seamlessly occupied. Many evidence are not recognized or even suppressed. The better you prepare, the higher the chance to keep casino profits tax -free.


  • always play under a real name
  • Verify an account with ID and adult proof of address
  • you play privately or commercially (very important)


  • Screenshots of deposits and withdrawals
  • Account statements from PayPal, credit card, Neteller & Co.
  • Screenshots of high profits
  • 100% security would be to record a video when playing
  • Date in all images and documents
  • Evidence that you didn't play a poker (very important)

Tax officials - a people for themselves

We assume that civil servants from the tax office also have a points scale. The more you drive in, the higher you climb on the scale in the long run and you slide into other wage classes. This is the only way to understand the behavior of some officials.

A tax employee shortly before retirement takes on a case of online gambling. The emphasis here is on "Online". How should a fabricated and non -smartphone owner with a 14.4k modem at home only have the slightest idea of online gambling? How can you explain to this that you can also play live roulette without sitting at a roulette table? 1000 $ win with an assignment of $ 50 - inexplicable for many people this age group.

Poker is not yet a gambling at the tax office

The spirits argue with the poker, because there are no clear judgments yet. Poker players have already been classified commercially and therefore taxable, but it is not yet a gambling. Therefore, profits from poker are generally classified at the tax office as taxable, because poker can be positively influenced by skills, training and experience. So happiness only plays a role in the poker for a fraction.

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