The struggle for the state -regulated gambling picks up speed. From July 2021, the new Gaming State Treaty 2021 should finally come into force, which is to ensure regulation of gambling in online casinos across the federal states borders. Some online casinos are already adhering to the transitional arrangement and restricting their game for German players.

Nationwide legally with the Gambling State Treaty 2021

Currently, most of the online casinos is only officially regulated in Schleswig Holstein. This entails that the gambling in these casinos is only officially allowed in this state, even if many players cannot be prevented from playing across the country.
Thanks to the new Gambling State Treaty 2021, all gambling providers from other federal states can now apply for a license. However, there are new rules that the casino operators have to prepare. A lot will change for the players from USA too - not necessarily to the advantage.

Changes through the Gaming Game State Treaty 2021

The contract provides for an increased player and youth protection. But what should change in concrete terms? A monthly limit of a maximum of $ 1000 will be anchored for deposits in the new Gambling State Treaty. In addition, multi-tabling should be prevented, which is why only up to four tables should be allowed.

It is also planned that the casino providers have to incorporate the possibility of a reality check into their software offer when the new contract comes into force. There is also talk of a panic button-like an emergency off switch. How exactly this should look like is not yet described in more detail and remains to be seen. In any case, there will be some changes to the casino game that are currently a challenge for the casino operators.

Transitional phase already started in mid -October

One or the other has probably been surprised, which is why he has not been able to play table games in his popular online casino for a few days or the live casino is no longer available. This is because the transition phase started on October 15, 2020. Many online casinos, such as Sunnyplayer or SunmakerFrom this point on, temporarily took the table games and live casinos off the net. Jackpot slot machines are currently not available.

However, the slot machines and video machines are still available. So if you prefer to turn the reels than play poker or roulette anyway, you can be happy. Especially since now in many online game casinos the popular Merkur slot machine can be found. You can find out more about Merkur-Casinos here.

Some changes to the software are necessary for the changeover and the manufacturers work with high pressure on a suitable solution in order to be able to offer the complete casino experience again in the future. The poker operation was almost completely stopped in Germany's casinos in mid -October. As soon as the transition period has ended, all casino providers must have a state license for summer 2021. It remains exciting and we will continue to observe what is happening in order to be able to provide you with the latest information as quickly as possible.

Play for free - here is still possible

If you currently want to play for free, or if the current regulations are too strict, we can do the Slotilda Casino or Zodiac recommend. There are still some casino providers where you can still play from USA without restrictions and limits. These are equipped with an EU license and are therefore also serious. With Sunmaker and Sunnyplayer, playing is unfortunately no longer possible without the German rules. In these Online casinos without restrictions and limits But you can still find the popular table games, jackpots and live casino games.

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