Many players wonder how the chances of winning in online casinos can be increased. You know or at least think that you will lose safely, right? It doesn't matter whether your slot machine, roulette or even a game with a low house edge like blackjack plays; The chances stand against you. It's like the Monopoly board game, because the bank always wins. You have to lose so that the casino provider can survive. Sure, because somewhere the funds that come to the distribution must come from. Therefore, you can never win in the online casino and there is a little luck to make a really high profit. But you don't have to let your mood spoil, because there are possibilities of how to improve the chances of winning.

Influence chances of winning in the casino game

If you know that you definitely have to lose, this loss of real money in gambling is much easier. Of course, you should generally only play with money that you can really do without. Otherwise, the disappointment can be great and sprout in the right frustration. But if you are aware that the losing is part of the game, you don't feel that bad.

So it is best if you play just for fun and never calculate with a win. After all, it was expected to be rewarded with a pastime for the deposit, but to leave the game with an empty sack. In this case you are all the more happy about profits.

You can also concentrate on something else. Instead of feeling bad when you lose your money, you can, for example, concentrate on improving your chances of winning, because this is actually possible.

Tips for better chances of winning

In the following section you will find the best tips on how you can overcome the advantage of the casino.

Finds the right game

How do you know which is the right game? After all, one is the right game for everyone. But if you want to minimize the advantage of the bank, it is important to choose games that have a small house advantage. Good examples of this are the table games blackjack, baccarat, poker, Sports betting and video coaches. However, this can no longer be played in online casinos with a German license, which is why you should look for a provider that is licensed by another state of the European Union. You can find the 15 best providers here:

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Finds the right gaming machine

The best slot machines are usually the simplest, most inconspicuous machines. The easier the game, the better it is usually chances of winning. The unusual games with large signs and video screens are usually not paid as well as the simple games without a big frills. For example, fruits with three reels are often very profitable and have a rather high RTP quota, which then also increases the chances of winning. It is not for nothing that the Fruit slots are so popular, even if they do not contain great innovative features.

Find the right online casino with the best payout

Online casinos usually all offer the same games. One provider may have several providers at the start than the other and therefore has a larger portfolio. But the game offer of the individual game makers is usually identical. One thing that still distinguishes you are the payments that the online casinos offer in the event of a profit. This can have a significant impact on the house advantage. A simple example that we want to name here is the Blackjack game.

Some casinos pay 3: 2 for natural blackjacks, while others pay 6: 5 or worse. This alone can more than double the advantage of the casino, which of course represents a disadvantage for you. So you can improve your chances of winning if you find the online casinos that offer the best payments.

Find the right place!

If you go through a casino in Las Vegas these days, you will find a handful of slot machines with benches. As a rule, two people can sit on these machines, sometimes even three.

How does this increase your chances of winning? Well, not because two heads are better than one.

The reason for this is that you spend half of the money on a machine for two that you would spend if you would play at two different machines for two.

Know when you set the maximum or set less!

The higher the nominal value, the better the chances of winning. For this reason, it is better to set one coin per line in a 5-cent game than five coins per line in a 1-cent game. The same applies to video pokers. You should set the maximum amount with a lower nominal value instead of setting 1-4 with a higher nominal value, because the main prize and the potential jackpot at a lower nominal value far outweigh the additional profits that you can achieve with lower hands with a higher nominal value.

If you win, you have to go!

If you get a bigger profit, you should stop playing and pause. Easier said than done - everyone is aware of that. Most people use their profits as an opportunity to double or triple their missions. There is nothing wrong with this. However, it is advisable to set a limit on how much you want to win. Or you set an amount that you are willing to lose. With these measures you cannot increase the chances of winning directly, but you can definitely reduce losses.

Take breaks!

Breaks are important, because between the games, the free drinks and the lack of windows or watches, it is easier to get lost in the game and lose sight of the time. If you take a break, you can get your head free, count your credit and decide whether you want to continue playing at all. This applies to both land -defined casinos and casinos as well as the online casino game. Every minute you don't play is a minute in which you don't give your hard -earned money to the casino.

Blackjack is a winning game

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino, but if you don't master the basic strategy, you will probably play with a house advantage of 4 % or more. However, if you master the basic strategy, you can reduce the house advantage to 0.5 % to 1 %, depending on the rules and table conditions.

Learns to play the more complicated games

There is a truism about casino games that everyone should know: the easier to play the game, the higher the house advantage. Games like Casino who did not require a strategy and are so simple that a child could understand them should be better off.

Games like Blackjack, in which the strategy plays a major role in determining the result, offer much better chances of winning. The house advantage at Casino was 2.33 %. The house edge at Blackjack is between 0.5 % and 1 %.

This means that you could lose five times as much money when you played casino than with blackjack. As you can see, the high house edge presses the chances of winning enormously.

What is a fundamental strategy?

This is only a chic description that there is a mathematically best game for every possible situation in blackjack. For example, you always share asse or 8er. This is the mathematically best game, and if you should make another decision, the house advantage increases.

What is the difference between a player who pursues a basic strategy and someone who simply plays on it?

Let us assume that you play 60 hands per hour for 20 euros per hand. That is 1200 euros per hour in action. If you make many mistakes and ignore the basic strategy, your expected loss per hour is 48 euros. However, if you apply a fundamental strategy and have a house advantage of only 1 %, your expected loss per hour is only 12 euros.

Here is an additional blackjack tip:

Leave the tables where you only get a 6/5 payment for a natural. This increases the house advantage by almost 2 %. Insists on playing 3/2 blackjack, or simply plays something completely different.

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