A beginner guideline for CS GO bets

There is no doubt that Counter-Strike offensive is one of the oldest games in the sports scene. Often abbreviated as CS: GO or simply CSGO , the title was published in 2012 as a continuation of Counter-Strike: Source. First of all, the game was taken in cold by the members of the gaming community. Since then, however, it has developed into one of the most popular video games all over the world. CSGO is currently the most important game in the eSport competition, and there are reasons for this, a few of which we will look at later.

We will also explain the different types of CSGO bets to which fantasy and skin betting. Before that, however, a list of the best CS GO happiness pages for 2020. We tested and even many online casinos compared Gambling sites, and we have found that these pages are currently the best options for those who are interested in real money betting.

These are the betting pages that we use for bets. In fact, we use the websites for a large part of our eSport betting. The reason for this is that these pages have all important eSport leagues and tournaments. Of course we look forward to the experiences we have had when using these pages, which is why we recommend them. But what distinguishes them from a lot of other CSGO betting pages?

You can be familiar

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We don't have once or twice paid money On this page, and in all of these times we have never worried that our money is safe. We have also asked for payouts many times and we saw how you paid out our profits. However, this does not apply to other user -friendliness is another matter that makes these websites at the top. User-friendliness makes the online weather experience pleasant and is therefore an important factor.

Nobody likes badly designed or difficult -to -use websites because they are frustrated in the end. Another thing that makes these pages a favorite for many is the large variety of available betting options they have. The US eSport betting scene is relatively new because many websites offer only a few bets to choose from. In short, if you want to start competitions with CSGO bets, you now know the definitive websites you can start with. All of them also have one Welcome bonus what gives them an additional incentive to register and make their first deposit.

CS: GO and the role it played on eSports bets

Ces goes to the Easty it test (spoll-fane titleettle. MMORPG ) Game for Xbox, PC and Play Station. In contrast to many other similar games, it does not offer single player mode, which means that you cannot play CSGO alone. You have to join a team of other competing players to play against other teams. The games are often played between two teams, and each game has 5 players in every team.

A team will play as a terrorist while the opposing team takes on the role of the anti-terrorists ”. All games are played over 30 rounds and both teams have different goals at the beginning of each round. The team, which first reaches his goal or kills his opponents, is the winner of the round. The game is won by the first team to win 16 rounds.

Real money CS GO bets

Real money CSGO bets are like traditional bets. The only difference is that they bet on CSGO events and not on football games. mobile Casinos , Tennis or other games. You can bet on almost every large CSGO event and some less well-known events.

Frequent CS Go-Events for bets

  • eLeague
  • Electronic sports World Cup
  • Dream hack
  • Welt-Cyber-Arena
  • ESports championship series
  • ESL One
  • ESL Pro League
  • Intel Extreme Masters

The most popular way of bet on CSGO events for real money is the simple match bet. It's just about choosing the team that you believe that it turns out to be the winner. You can bet on the individual game winner on all betting pages listed at the top of this page. Most of them offer you a variety of other bets, and this includes live bets where you can bet on games that have already started. Live betting options include the forecast of the team that wins the next round.

Real money CS GO betting tips

It is not child's play, but that does not mean that it is impossible. If you know how to do it, you can win a lot of money. While you probably don't start winning money immediately, you will still make it if you work hard and are patient. Use the following tips to increase your chances of winning:

  • Know Spiel
  • Find out how to bet on Value
  • Use the CS GO betting pages we recommend
  • Bet small for the beginning
  • Look at as many games as possible

CS Go Skin-Betting

CSGO-Skin bets have developed into something and there are no signs that their popularity will decrease in the foreseeable future. Despite the efforts of the developers to act against the activity and even send injury and setting notifications to websites that offer skin betting. It is not easy to imagine that Valve can actually stop what has developed into a flourishing industry. Their only real option is to completely stop skin trading, but nobody really believes that they will do so. In short, all the signs indicate that CSGO betting at least now does not lead anywhere.

CS GO Esports bets-that's how it works

The most important principle in skin betting is that skins are often used as a replacement for cash. Players can deposit their skins in the same way on the skin's skin pages as they deposit money on real money betting pages or online casino sites. The skins are not converted into real money, but they are assigned approximate values. They are even converted into credits at some locations. In short, that's all to do skin betting. The skins or credits are used to bet when betting and you can win additional skins if you make the right predictions. Conversely, the skins are lost when bets are not successful.

The skins can be withdrawn at any time, then return to your inventory. On websites that use credits, you first have to convert your credits back into skins. CS GO bets are popular and pick up very quickly. Before you start betting, you first need to know a few things about the game. You also have to understand the different types of betting options you have, as well as the best CSGO betting sites. Hopefully you have learned a lot about how CSGO bets work and also know the best CSGO betting sites. Now you can get started!

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