Baccarat - the game of the kings

In the analog and virtual casinos of the world, roulette and poker are mostly big in the spotlight. Baccarat is often a little too short, although it is an exciting game that is easy to learn. The noble layer was enthusiastic about this classic card in historical times, which is why Baccarat is even called the "game of kings". We think it is worth taking a closer look to maybe discover a new leisure experience!

The earliest roots are probably in antiquity

The first written mention on the subject of baccarat dates from the 19th century, so it is not that far from our time. However, researchers take the view that the roots of the game go back much further, even into ancient times. A predecessor is said to have been the Chinese Pai Gow, no paper cards were used here, but tiles. The number 9 represents the highest number of points, just like the baccarat. The old Romans also knew games that focused on the 9 at all struts - but an exact “pedigree” of the Baccarat cannot be created from this rather poor information.

Development of the table card games in modernity

The table card game It probably developed in the early 14th century, at that time there were only more expensive, hand -painted cards for well -heeled people. Only when the printing machine found general distribution did poorer layers of their own card sets also afford. In Italy, the Tarrochi developed, which seems relatively closely related to today's Baccarat. The Italian Felix Falguere devoted himself to the Tarot card set in the 15th century and created a forerunner of the baccarate. But until the 21st century it was a very, very far away from there, which brought many different influences with it, the traces of which are blurred today.

This is how the game works

Where exactly today's rules of the game come from lies in the unclear. But one thing is certain: they are absolutely not complicated, so everyone who wants to be in the middle of the game. Baccarat is played with six packages of playing cards 52 sheets. The players compete against each other, as with other casino games, each round is also guided by a croupier. The participant who Sits to the right of the croupier, acts as a banquier; It determines the maximum amount of the use. Now every teammate can give his bet: does he win himself or the house? Is there a tie? Only when the jetons are on the table does the croupier spend the cards.

The cards and their values

It is important to get 9 points as precisely as possible with two or at most three cards - the closer the total value is on the magical number, the better. An ASS counts one point, a ten or image card is 0. The cards provided with the numbers correspond to their nominal value, that is so simple. If a sum of 10 points or more, then only the one is relevant . An 8 and an 4 result in 2 and not 12. A 7 and one 3 add up to the 10. Each player initially has two cards on hand and competes directly against the house. Under certain circumstances there is a third card, but we talk about that later.

If you already have 8 or 9 points on hand after handing out, you can look forward to a so -called "natural hand". So it is Victory not yet achieved, because the bank can of course just as well lie in the race. Natural 9 is of course better than the natural 8, because the 9 is all in the baccarat. If the bank and players both have an 8 or 9, there is a tie. Anyone who has bet on it is fine at that moment.

When does the third card come into play?

At this point it becomes clear that a Baccarat game can end very quickly. Only when a third card comes into play will this end delay a little. If the player only comes to 0 to 5 points in the first attempt, then it will definitely be time to take off again. With 6 or 7 points everything stays as usual, the leaf does not increase.

Similar but closer rules apply to the dealer, they focus not only on the number of points of the bank, but also on that of the player. It gets a little more complex here, but the bank usually knows exactly what to do. If there are uncertainties, it is sufficient to put a table on the table that contains precise information, in which points the bank pull and when it has to be satisfied with two cards.

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Side betting increase the voltage

Sometimes there is the possibility to not only complete one of the main bets mentioned above before handing out the cards, but also to place side bets. There can be a few euros extra if the end result is right. Perhaps the player believes that he starts the next round with a couple - the payout rate would be 11: 1. There are many other secondary bets, but whether they are really approved depends on the respective casino.

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