Las Vegas in the Corona crisis

The whole world is in a state of emergency. The Coronavirus Covid-19 has almost every country, every state, every city firmly on its grip. It forces us to drop the daily life as far as possible. Even the cities and visitor paradises that were still very visited a few weeks ago look like ghost cities today. Even if the luminaires with the inscription "24 Hours Open" still flash and suggest that everything would be fine, the absolute knock-down has also been reached in the dazzling desert city of Las Vegas since March 18, 2020.

Las Vegas Strip closed because of Corona

The closure of all hotels, casinos, restaurants and all other amusement centers in the city means that the tourists inevitably fail. Hardly any member of America is more dependent on tourism than Nevada. Therefore, the Corona pandemic should hit Las Vegas particularly hard and mean decline. Tens of thousands of employees currently have no work and therefore no income. But not only they live from gambling tourism, because a large part of the state budget comes directly from the entertainment industry.

Mayor Goodman demands relaxation

It will take some time before international tourists are allowed to enter again. The mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman, vehemently demands that the outcome lock for the citizens. Steve Sisolak, the governor of Nevada, would rather proceed in a controlled manner. First set goals in pandemic are to be achieved before business is allowed to reopen gradually and you slowly return to normality. Many of the more than two million residents of the metropolitan region are currently without work. The majority of the jobs hang on the gambling, entertainment and hotel industry.

Support for the residents

Covid-19 has deprived people in Las Vegas of their livelihood. Many have to get along without wages and income. That is why aid organizations are currently distributed to the needy residents by aid organizations at the output points in various districts of the city. If Las Vegas has counted around 6,000 homeless people in recent years, a few more are likely to be added in the near future. Much of the population is not even insured. For many of them, an uncontrolled spread of the virus should end in an absolute disaster, if not with death.

Opening of the Casino city is not foreseeable

At the moment it is completely in the stars when traveling to the casinometropolis will be possible again. As long as new infection rates are added every day and thousands of infected die through the globe, there is no way of thinking about normality. Las Vegas will probably remain a ghost city for a while, because apart from the fact that hardly anyone at the moment, hardly anyone should feel like a trip on the plane, the crisis gnaws on the wallet. If you loosen the current provisions too quickly, there is a risk that the city will develop into a 'petri dish' for the virus. 'Social distancing' is hardly possible if holidaymakers are close close to the strip, in shows or roulette tables. It is to be hoped that you will be able to come back soon, but it won't be the same for a long time. As an alternative to the Vegas casinos, we tested some online casinos. Here you can Test reports read.

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