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  • Planet the monkey as a slot machine? Yes, there is it! Planet of the Apes can be played with us for free and online as long as you have fun. Let yourself be captivated by the adventurous slot, the features in this game are really outstanding. Online for real money you can play the game in the casumo! A Review You can find this online casino here. 🙂

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    Play Planet of the Apes for free

    Planet of the Apes in Casumo play for money

    2 play areas with 5 rollers

    As you probably noticed, there are a total of 10 rollers here. You play over 2 playing fields. That is why the profits count separately. Each field has 20 paylines and you can play with a maximum use of $ 200.00!

    Planet of the Apes Dual-Feature

    With the dual feature you can clean up here properly. It happens by chance. A symbol is selected for both play areas, 2 different ones must be. If the selected symbol appears in the game, it stays sticking to the spot. If it appears in the other field, it is "promoted" to the right field. So it happens that the whole area may be covered with a symbol. And then you clear away!

    Gestapelte Wild's!

    The wild symbols always appear in this slot, i.e. a much higher chance of winning! Wild's replace all symbols in the game and can thus complete your winning combinations. There are various free spins for both play areas, which you get with the help of Scattern. Wild plays a major role in the "Rise Free Spins". Because during the 10 free spins all wilds are collected, and in the end they are all distributed in the game. If you have received many wilds, almost all rollers will be covered with wild. And then the doorbell rings!

    Play for real money now in the casumo
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