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  • You can do many at Game Play for free and online, including Great Warrior! Simply play a few rounds from home. 🙂

    Great Warrior play for free

    This slot takes place in a world full of warriors. With the features such as free spins and jokers you can win a lot of money!

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    Before you start playing, select your desired use. You can change this below in the navigation bar by clicking on + and - in the orange field. You have to use at least $ 0.05 per rotation and can use a maximum of $ 100.00. I usually play with $ 10.00 - $ 20.00. Great Warrior is played on 5 rollers with 5 paylines. A profit is achieved if at least 2 symbols of the same kind are on a payline (starting from left).

    You can call up the payment table with the $ via the blue field. This field is also in the navigation bar below. To start the game, just click on the start button at the bottom right. The machine can be rotated on its own on "car" so that you don't have to do anything anymore and can simply watch. I prefer to turn the machine myself and stop the lathes in between.

    Great Warrior Features

    The blonde princess in the game is the joker. It can replace all symbols (except the scatter) in the game and thus enables many more profit combinations! In addition, it is also the most profitable symbol in the game if you only have a winning combination with this symbol.

    Scatter has just been mentioned. This is a strain symbol, it can appear scattered on the rollers and is still activated. The scatter is a prerequisite for the free spins at Great Warrior. It only appears on roller 1, 3 and 5. If he appears on this 3 rollers during a game at the same time, you get 10 free spins. The special thing about the free spins; Every princess (joker) who once appears on the roller remains there until the end of the free spins. In theory, the game could be full of princesses at the end of the free spins, which means the jackpot for you! With the free spins, you can get up here properly.

    You can also multiply your profits with a risk. Simply click on the green fields next to the start button when you have made a win. There is the possibility of playing "card risk" or putting the profit on the "leader". Try it yourself and decide what you like better.


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