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  • Here you can play the Slot Classic Dice 5 Reels completely free of charge and as long as you want. Have fun testing! 🙂

    Classic Dice 5 Reels Play for free

    A classic style with a special cube function! Play a few laps for free and let the game and its special features convince you!

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    Classic Dice 5reels is played on 5 paylines. Unfortunately, the selection with how many paylines you want to play is not possible here. However, you have to select your commitment before the game begins. This can be selected from $ 0.10 to $ 100.00, i.e. optimal for gamers who like to play with high operations. 😉 You can change the use in the navigation bar below by clicking on the arrow when the overall assignment and then changing the coin value there. You can see your credit next to the overall assignment. At the beginning of the game you have a credit of $ 1,000.00.

    A win achieved her if at least 3 same symbols are side by side on a payline. The winning combination must begin either from left or from the right, which is special about this slot the winning combinations from both sides. You achieve the highest profit with the star, which can increase your use up to 50 times!

    Features von Classic Dice 5 Reels

    The only feature of this game is the cube function. As you can imagine, the cubes are part of it. These are so -called "scatter" and therefore independent of the paylines, so they can appear scattered on the rollers. The cube only appears on the middle roller 2, 3 and 4. If you have 3 cubes, you will roll. The number that appears on the cube is your number of free spins. If you get more cubes in the meantime, the feature of course repeats itself again. With every shoot you are guaranteed to have a win! So always be attentive, because when the cubes appear, the chance of a mega gain is much higher!


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