Slotpark - slot machine: an app with a lot of slots

Slotpark - slot machine is an app from the Apple Appstore and thus available for all Apple devices that have at least iOS 8. You can download them for free and also play for free, but if necessary, the app is also playable for real money.

A great way to try out new games at no cost.

The classic Novoline games on the cell phone!

At the start you start with the classic "Book of Ra" to collect a little insight and first impressions of the app. The control and the principle of the game are described here at the beginning, so that you can start playing without any problems. But don't stay here too long, because there are many more games waiting for you!


As already mentioned, there is Book of Ra as the first game, which is already automatically downloaded with the download of the app.

The remaining games must be downloaded on request or are available free of charge from a certain level. All 43 games:


At first you get a starting credit of 500 chips free of charge with which you can play something. So play smartly and with brains!

You can give 200 chips every 4 hours in the main menu. The app also offers a level system where you can rise with experience points.

If you no longer have any credit or want to play with higher operations, you can buy chips. To do this, simply go to "Buy" in the main menu and you will be submitted in the level shop offers. You can purchase the chips with your app store credit.

Achieve new levels!

In addition to all games, Slotpark also offers a level system. During the game and reaching profits you get experience points that bring you to the next level. When you reach a new level, you get great prizes!

In the high level, the blocked games will be activated, so play hard and unlock all games!

Risk function

As at a real machine, of course, there is also the risk function in the form of cards. If you win, simply press on "Gamble" at the bottom right and the window opens to play risk.

This is based on the principle of map risk. You have to bet on the profit of which color the next card has, either red or black. If you guess correctly, the profit used is doubled if you are wrong, the entire profit that you have set disappears. This process can be repeated as often as you like until you have reached the maximum limit.


Despite gambling, the app is released according to Appstore from the age of 12. The app has a file size of 21.5 MB, and the file size naturally increases for each game that is downloaded. Overall, Slotpark rated an assessment of 4.3/5, so very well. We can only agree with that.

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